The bulletin provides information about scams such as payment notification scams and advises people to be cautious and vigilant. Read on for more information.

Have you received an SMS from a payment company asking you to pay? You heard yourself right. In the past, Australians have received numerous text messages asking them to provide their credit card details as well as other important information to facilitate the payment of their utility bills. In our payment alert fraud section, we will share details of incidents that have occurred as a result of these fraudulent messages.

What is the story

Just a few days back, people were getting messages on their mobile about upcoming payment charges, where they have to pay the amount or receive a violation notice. This created a lot of curiosity and I started searching for important information, but I realized that it was just a scam and many fell victim to this scam.

Important information about payment notification fraud

  • The message contains the link below and asks you to click on the link to go to the payment page.
  • Some people also received a notice that a $6 fee was required.
  • After clicking the link, users are automatically redirected to an online form that asks for their credit card information.
  • The Australian Consumer Commission reported receiving complaints about similar scams.

Learn more about invoice fraud

The scam has seen many people lose money. One victim, who provided full details of her credit card, said she also received authorization messages on her mobile phone. He entered a code on the screen and the victim lost money. Fraudsters use credit card numbers to buy gift cards, and not only that, but many others have also fallen victim to payment notification scams.

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