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Welcome to Quardle players attempting to sort out the words in the present riddle. Experiencing difficulty building Encampment 149 today? Then, at that point, you are prepared to help and attempt to reply in 4-5 words. See the full article for the response.

Quordle is a clone of the game Wordle and has recently become popular due to bugs. The game has a huge fan following in UK, India and Australia. Think of words with Thrum Wordle.

Answer by Room 149

The answer to today’s puzzle is often explained in words, but it is difficult to find the correct answer. The player must write 4 words in 8 attempts.

Answer Sheet 149 Conch, Chase, Bull, Slam.

  • The first word is “crycliuka”, the common large shell.
  • The second word means “to chase” – to catch or run to catch.
  • The third word “MIA” is a group of missing persons.
  • The fourth word means “thrum”, a sound that vibrates closely and is used in crossword puzzles like playing thrum.

If you are new to the game, give a clear idea about Quardal game and how to play it.

Quordle Game

As mentioned above, this game is known as a clone of the online game Wordal. Wordle game has many clones including Hurdle, Doordle and others. Game creator Quordle has created a game for Dordle.

Doordal is a 2 word character game that uses only one keyboard. Freddie Meyer is the creator of the game. Players must focus on guessing to find the correct word with multiple tests, such as Thrum Wordal.

How to play Quordle?

Every game has rules to follow. Learn the basics of Quordle and make your game easier.

  • The player has to guess 5 letters and 4 words in 8 attempts.
  • Solve puzzles with just one keyboard player.
  • A correct guess changes the color of the tile to green.
  • The conclusion is true but false. The color of the tablet will change to yellow.
  • If your guess is wrong, the tile color will change to gray.
  • This game throws a puzzle at midnight every night.

Code 149: Slam Wardle.

Similar to Quordle, there are many other modes of online gaming available to players. Introducing the new game featured in The New York Times.

  • Spelling Bee: In this game, players must spell the correct 5 letter words in a puzzle. Players have six chances to complete a puzzle drawn in a hexagonal shape. In Spelling Bee, players must find only one correct word.


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