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Do you like to watch series in your spare time? Have you seen The Tallest Man on the Internet? This movie is the latest movie on Netflix based on true events. Several observers from Great Britain, the United States, India and the Netherlands looked at this issue. If you want to know more about this movie, please follow the Scary Man on the Internet Imdb article closely. So please read to the last word.

What is the true story behind this movie?

In 2010, a 24-year-old Sacramento man named Hunter Moore created a website called Is Who, where he posted nude photos and information about various people. Hunter Moore committed this abomination without anyone’s consent. Thanks to his work, Hunter Moore has become like a god on the Internet. But he described himself as a “professional life-ruiner”.

A new film on Netflix shows Hunter Moore interacting with the victim this time. In The Most Interesting Internet, it is revealed that Hunter Moore has already ruined many lives, but this time Charlotte Laws (the victim’s mother) decided to punish him for every crime he has committed. His mountain of crimes was over in less than two years because of Charlotte’s Law.

The documentary contains interviews with many of the female victims who have been abused for the website Is Who Up. Even in the film, Who’s Up is not only presented as a website, but also presented as a community. Hunter Moore fans regularly mock him on social media and in real life.

What happened to Hunter Moore?

Hunter Moore said the victim’s ex-boyfriend’s anger motivated all the photos he posted. But when he posted a photo of security guard and actress Kayla Law, it was the beginning of the end for his page, according to the Netflix movie.

Kayla Law told her mother, Charlotte Laws, that she never sent these photos to anyone except to email them to herself. Charlotte Laws believed her daughter and began gathering all relevant information. To find out what happened next, read Imdb’s Internet Infamous People article.

She collected testimonies from more than forty female victims, all of whom said they had never sent a photo to anyone. This means that all their photos were leaked due to email hacking. In the Netflix series, Charlotte shared all the information with the FBI and charged and arrested Hunter Moore.


In November 2015, Hunter Moore was convicted and sentenced to two years and six months in prison. He was also fined $2,000. If you want to know more about Hunter Moore, click here–. You will be surprised to know that the creepiest man on the internet’s Imdb rating is seven.

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