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Do you need custom earrings? Guu shop is known for its traditional earrings as well as other jewelry. The American Goo store is open 24 hours a day to provide the best customer service. Gulli Store Reviews Gulli Store Reviews will provide readers with information about the store’s various museums, policies and features.

You will also learn the reliability factors that will help you evaluate the accuracy of this task. Read this article.

Check out the goo shop

Guri shop is an online shop known among other things for its personalized beads. They sell their products online. They also offer discounts on their products. A wide range of unisex products are available. They create waste:

The pendant is
Jewelery provided
his leg
Call with private message

Is the law a call shop? Many people have questioned the legitimacy and credibility of this shop. This information is available on various websites. However, we have helped you. Hacking problems are on the rise, and so are its users. They are more cautious when shopping for websites online. This article contains all the information about the legitimacy of the so-called shop. Read them carefully.

Functionality related to the store

Buy the pendant at
Call: +1 (989) 662-9365
We have seen positive reviews on this shop. Check out the goo store. Additionally, several websites have looked into the store. So you can trust the reviews.
Return Policy The site return policy is valid for 45 days.
Refund Policy: Products cannot be returned or refunded for life.
Shipping Policy Shipping usually takes between $ 10.00 and 5-10 business days.
Payment methods: Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, Clana, JCB, PayPal, MasterCard.

positive moments

There are contact numbers and email addresses.
We are talking about online chat based services.
Positive reviews can be found online and on official websites.


No comments on social networks.
Address details not available

Is the law a call shop?

The Guu Store The Guu Store, the online store, is preferred by many stores, but you should treat them like a smart customer and ask questions to make sure the site is safe.

Registration update August 5, 2019 Call Store registration period.
Registration: The Guu Store is registered with, LLC
trust factor This shop has 60% trust. The confidence index is the average confidence index. Therefore, it can only be accepted as a part.
Buyer Response: Several websites have provided a positive Gu Store review on the official website. They also post a lot of positive customer reviews on reputable websites.
Social media With Instagram, you have access to social media like Facebook. But there are no reviews on these sites.
Information security: The website uses data encryption via HTTPS. This protects your information from online hackers.
No information on the owner’s address or name is available. Although the phone number is not exactly mentioned, it is accessible via the WhatsApp service.
Privacy Policy: List all procedures for addressing customer concerns. If you have any questions, take a look at this page.
Check out the goo shop

Guu store review

The store’s website includes email information and a phone number. The phone number is not specifically mentioned, but can be contacted by WhatsApp. The address and name of the owner are not displayed. The site has excellent customer reviews on its products. The online sites of the store are also classified. The website is available on Instagram and Facebook, but the pages do not have adequate reviews.

Alexa scored below the standards for popular websites. Details of fraudulent credit card transactions are shown here.

The final summary

As a conclusion of this article on the reviews of the Guu store This store has been an amazing experience for two and a half years. But you have to be careful as this website has little trust and it is hard to trust it. There are some factors that lead to a fake site. Customers are encouraged to investigate and discover PayPal scams here. Click here to learn more about pendants.


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