This article provides online shopping information and reviews from The Factory Sales com to help shoppers make the right choice.

Looking for the best storage for your garden? Do you want to buy storage equipment for your garden? Factory Sales is an online marketplace that offers cleaning services for various buildings.

Factory Sales is an online store that sells in various warehouses from cookware to warehouses. It targets customers in the United States and offers great discounts on orders. But before you buy, you should read The Factory Sales com’s unbiased and reliable reviews.

What is Factory

Factory Sales is an online store that offers a wide variety of stores and warehouses. The store says it offers products like shelters at lower prices, resulting in off-the-book Lowe’s orders for 80% off last year’s delivery store.

The store offers storage space and storage options made of high-quality wood and PVC materials for your garden and garden. However, the sale is not affiliated with the popular retail chain Lowe’s. That’s why many customers in the United States want to know if Factory Sales com is legit or a scam before buying anything.

Follow Conditions

Website address –
Products – Preservation and Storage
Payment Methods – All Major Payments
Address-500, FL-19, Palatka, FL, 32177
Email –
Phone – Not included.
Domain name registration date – November 16, 2022, 28 days
Email Notification – No Subscription
Shipping and Delivery Time – International shipping takes 3-5 business days per week to process and ship. Orders under $100 are worth $24.88 and delivery times are between 5 and 7 days depending on location.
Return orders – Return orders are accepted if the customer submits a claim within 14 days. According to The Factory Sales com reviews, buyers must return the item in its original packaging to receive a refund and return. They will deposit the refund into the account within a few days.
Social Media Icons – This portal has icons.

Benefits of The Factory

This site offers an 80% discount on subscription sales.
There is a free shipping center for orders over $100.
We notice the social icons on this virtual store.

Missing Factory

Owner’s identity unknown.
The public address belongs to a popular trading network.
The financing options are uncertain.
The icon does not work.

Is Factory Sales com legit or a scam?

This section looks at in-store legal labels before making a purchase as it helps online shoppers make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary scams.

The portal has 28 days and the platform registration date is June 16, 2022. June 16, 2023 is the platform update date.
We found that the confidence number value was very low since the value was 2% and the confidence number was 14.1% out of 100. So these negative numbers caused a lot of suspicion among customers.
Factory Sales com Reviews website is not available. Websites cannot promote their business online and you cannot get ideas online.
The sales page does not contain any personal information and the public address is for popular retail chains outside of this site.
The store offers great discounts on great products.
This online store does not work on social networks and you do not see manufacturer reviews.
These basic facts make the site very suspicious and unsafe. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the next section to ask how many reviews this portal has received.

Feedback from existing customers does not contain customer information and Factory Sales com information is available online. We do not receive online reviews after review, and there are no in-store ads to track reviews and comments from first-time customers.

That’s why we encourage all customers to thoroughly research the website before considering credit card purchases Also, always read the credit card fraud guide.

The Final Thought

Today we enjoyed, an online store that sells pendants and more. Also, there are no reviews on the website and we have not collected any reviews of The Factory Sales com online. We have therefore marked this door as suspicious. Also, read the technical guide on how to report fraud with PayPal.

Have you ordered goods from this store? So share your experiences with us.


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