Boxes are common in everyone’s daily life. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be found in many home, industrial or office furniture. There are many types of boxes. To ensure efficient working, they have a telescopic handle that allows you to make precise movements.

With the help of these devices, the drawers open and close horizontally or vertically. These tools can be placed in everyday objects such as kitchen drawers or factories or large Industrial Equipment processing facilities.

The system consists of three parts, one attached to the cabinet and the other to the box. It also has a telescopic rod to help the box slide out. The ball bearing is responsible for continuous movement. This allows the parts to move in a controlled and comfortable manner.

Heavy duty telescopic slides are used in industrial applications. They do the same with small boxes, but on a larger scale. These telescopic rails are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum depending on the purpose of use. They are widely used in all industries for various jobs and functions, they cannot function without it.


There are several types of telescopic cargo rails. They stand out in their behavior and demeanor.

Below are the main ones;

  • It can be fully expanded in three sections and provide a stroke equal to the closed length.
  • Partial expansion: consists of two finite elements with a transit time less than the enclosed length.
  • They are also tense and have four bodies. The telescoping stroke can reach 150% of the closed length.
  • They are completely silent and can withstand a load of up to 1500 kg. With an open or closed shutter option, it will meet all needs.

What are they for?

Telescopic rails should be carefully checked. In addition, due to their weight and ability to be exposed to harsh weather conditions, they must be made of very strong materials.

You can use them for many purposes.

  • They are suitable for many applications in the railway industry as they can withstand vibration and high loads.
  • They are used in industrial safety to prevent potentially harmful substances.
  • The telescopic train also works well in an electric field.
  • Car: Each car has specific configurations for specific functions.

Characteristics of telescopic slides

These tools are different in nature and can be used for different applications.

Folding and extension length: depending on the model, the folding length varies from 150 to 2 meters and some up to 3 meters.

To withstand heavy loads, balls made of reinforced material are added to the profiles. Skates withstand large moments, but maintain their flexibility.

Locking system: Some windows may have a manual or mechanical locking system, in different configurations (open, closed, combination). You can also equip the system with ergonomic handles that make opening and closing easier.

Adjusted controls – When all elements maximize cutting forces, operation is more efficient and the life of all components is extended. This is made possible by an integrated system that perfectly fits all.

Lubrication: Depending on the function of the telescope, you should use a lubricant suitable for the operating conditions. This has a major impact on the performance and maintenance of your telescope.

The benefits of a good telescopic sled

Buying quality telescopic slides can have several benefits that increase productivity and work performance.

It’s worth nothing:

Durable materials: When the regulator is made of cold-drawn, galvanized and hardened steel, we mean a material that can withstand shock and vibration. It has high strength, limited bending and is resistant to vibration. This product is of high quality and designed for everyday use.

A higher quality product lasts longer: you can be sure that a quality guide will work and work for many years. This unique advantage can lead to significant savings as you do not need to constantly replace equipment.

Good quality drives have a large load capacity. They are perfectly installed with very durable materials and can withstand heavy loads.

These benefits enable work optimization and help the business grow every day. These are some of the advantages of technology in the development of various business functions.

This help is important to work on various assignments in any industry or business. Telescopic rails are a decent choice when you really want a framework to move items or articles.

You definitely know how they work and how they can help your business.


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