The articles on present two websites whose main purpose is to provide information to the general public and students.

Are you a reader and know that a college degree will enhance your personality and work ethic? The Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has created an open platform for a simple and transparent website for public university graduates, so this article will look at

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The word “Tuiji” is Arabic. Short for “Orientation,” it is a site that instructs students and the general public. This page contains undergraduate course guides for undergraduate and graduate students. But clicking on the content will redirect you to another web page.

Legal Research

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Established May 21, 2002. Name 20 years.
It has a confidence level of up to 60%.
Depending on its reliability, it may be a decent website, but it doesn’t look like a real one.

Teacher of Leadership

This is another page called politics. Check the meaning of the word. Yes is a national educational website that offers guidance and assistance for people to enroll in schools and government institutions. This website is an interactive site that simulates the graduation process of a public school.

However, only those with a bachelor’s degree can enroll. Foreign applicants can study in public universities such as the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as public schools of art and design. This site will serve students in the academic year (2022-2023).

workplace management focuses on two topics: accounting software and business finance. This website is 20 years old and expires in 2 years, but no information is published. Some forensic examiners consider this site unsafe and unreliable.

Tojihi, meanwhile, has a website that provides detailed information on hiring for foreign applicants as well as Moroccan citizens, the application process, eligibility criteria, questions for students, and more. However, all applicants are required to provide general information on the website

Such a statement

The Taujihi website claims to be one of the best sources of information, but there are even colleges like Canadian College and some local websites. But Toji’s name reminds us of the terrible problems in Jordan and Palestine. This is the last test in Baglot State.


If you are a Moroccan bachelor who wants to attend college, my guidecom should not lead you to another website that ends with give. The second site offers support and recommendations for high-income jobs. The Tawjihi Test is not affiliated with the website. Various exercises and tests. People need to know that this site is not like the original. For more information.


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