This article describes serious elevator accidents in Taiwan. But a recent elevator accident in Taiwan sent people into a panic. Read on for more information.

What’s the scariest elevator accident you’ve ever seen or heard of? Tell us about your experience. we. American and British media reported on the disaster in Taiwan, where seven workers lost their lives. We analyzed a similar incident in an elevator in Taiwan. If you are curious about this level of detail, continue reading the article on the elevator accident in Taiwan. We cover most of the details of an elevator accident.


After returning to work last week after taking a month off to celebrate Chinese New Year, they opened the vandalized elevator cabin and made a gruesome discovery when they found the body of an unidentified woman in a cabin in May has. The body was found in the elevator when the crew realized it had collapsed.

The shocking incident in the western Chinese city of Xi’an, known as the “Taiwan Elevator Crash” and because it was home to China’s Terra Warriors, sparked anger over the company’s apparent incompetence in elevators and controlled construction. management positions.

Spring 2013 Fall

The incident happened on Friday evening. While trying to get from the seventh floor to the first floor of the building in the apartment where they were staying, a Chinese woman named Hsih, about 32 years old, rang the doorbell with her 3-year-old son and started looking for an elevator. . The young man entered the elevator when the door opened.

More details about Taiwan Elevator 2013 event

The elevator suddenly starts to rise before he can close it, and the man is trapped between floors. When Hsieh saw her son’s legs and head sticking out of the door as she tried to pull him out, he instead fell down the elevator shaft and into the basement, where he was killed, according to investigators looking into the incident.

An accident in 2017

At Ilan University in Taiwan, the man, a doctor, allegedly suffocated in an elevator facing the direction of travel. According to reports, firefighters tried for almost an hour to save the man from the elevator accident in Taiwan, but despite their best efforts, could not save him. According to a spokesperson for the university, the lift was built in 1999 and is regularly visited. It’s a terrifying moment when someone is suddenly trapped in an elevator with the doors slamming at their feet.


If you compare global elevator accidents around the world, Taiwan tops the list. As a developing country with modern buildings and automatic technology, this article can mention some elevator accidents in Taiwan. But a search engine can find countless rows of elevator accidents in Taiwan. Are there risks that can be prevented? If so, please share the details in the comment box.


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