Bags are a must because they contain all the valuables everywhere. But since each bag is designed to complement a theme, one bag may not meet all of your needs. A shopping bag cannot generally be replaced by a shopping bag or an office bag.

But don’t worry, at Sunizili store, you can get a versatile bag that can be used to carry different things in many places. As a result, the fund has generated a lot of curiosity in the United States. Continue with these Sunezy reviews for more.

What is Sunesil?

According to the Suneasily Our Story page, the online store operates on duffel bags, which are imported to bring more practical benefits to people and can be used for other purposes, such as shopping, walking, sailing, beach, fun. , for example ….

The bog bag was patented at a young age, so no one can replicate that idea. On the Sun easy website, you can also find plenty of boggle bag options on sale with special offers. Plus, customers can buy two bags, get free shipping, and save $109 per order.

However, this site doesn’t look amazing and has received many red flags mentioned in the “It’s Easily Legit” section of this article.

Moreover, the official site has five different sections: Home, Press, Blog and History, and Wholesale. At the bottom of each page, customers find questionable information about the site’s offer.

What are the features of this site?

  • Website URL –
  • Domain establishment date – February 15, 2020
  • Accessories – Duffle bags
  • Company Address – Hymax Company Limited 344-354 Grays Inn Road, London,
  • England, WC1X8BP.
  • Registered Shipping – Free on purchases over $100
  • Delivery time – within 3 days
  • Email Address –
  • Return and exchange policy – no timeframe stated
  • Right to reimbursement – Not available.
  • News – mentioned

Customers are encouraged to check out these results as experts have found honest opinions about Sunezil in research.

Why should customers order from Sunizil?

  • The online store claims to offer famous mud bags at unrealistic prices.
  • Offers worldwide shipping, including the United States.
  • Customers get a 50% discount on the special offer.
  • He mentioned his real address, email address and phone number for help.
  • Reviews from potential customers are printed below the products.

What is Sunesil missing?

  • He does not talk about his social networks.
  • There are no comments on the site.
  • He was low on the confidence index.
  • The entire appearance of the site is simulated.

Is Sunezi legit?

In this section, we have mentioned all the details that will help the customers to verify the authenticity of the website. Users are urged to carefully read the following:

  • Domain creation date – The eShop domain was last verified on February 15, 2022, which raises a red flag.
  • Social Media – Currently none of the active social networks mentioned on the official website will bring you to this website.
  • Trust Index Score – the site receives a Trust Index of 1%.
  • Customer Reviews – Positive reviews of Suneasily are printed at the bottom of product description and website homepage. In retrospect, no comment is made to external media.
  • Improvised content – The investigation revealed that the site appeared to be a legitimate purse site and took advantage of people using the same information.
  • Domain expiration date – The domain name of the website expires after 02/15/2023.
  • Accuracy of the address – The declared business address is published in duplicate.
  • Discount Offer – The site claims to offer a 50% discount on its offers along with additional benefits.
  • Policies – The site has outlined its policies.

Simple customer feedback

The official website is full of positive reviews. Instead, the site’s Facebook page and other trusted external links were empty.

Read here if you want your payment refunded via PayPal.

The Final Decision

Our investigation reveals that Suneasyly is a dubious website impersonating the well-known brand “Bogg Bag”. Therefore, customers are advised to avoid visiting this online store and only place their orders on legitimate websites to reduce the chance of fraud.

If you have been defrauded with a credit card, read here.

What customer reviews are on the site? Submit your key ideas below for these Suneasyly reviews.


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