Men are looking for a place to buy clothes online; We hope Sulol’s review helps you make the right decision.

Hi everyone. Are you all enjoying yourselves? So today we are going to take a closer look at a topic. As we all know, more and more websites are created every day because people love to shop online these days. However, some of these websites are real and some are fake. So it is our duty to be cautious before buying from such sites.

Today we are talking about an online store called Suloli. This website is a shopping store that sells clothes and offers different types of clothes. And people in the United States are very interested and interested in studying this issue.

Therefore, if you are curious about the legality of this site, we recommend you check out our Suloly reviews.

On the Sulol

Suloli is a late 2021 e-commerce website. The site focuses exclusively on women’s wear. Their clothes are also very stylish. They also offer a variety of clothing such as shirts and cardigans, blouses, jackets, doubles and more. They also claim to sell ready-to-wear and their teams of experts act as designers and sales agents in the fashion business.

Next, before we get into the actual discussion, let’s take a look at the characteristics of Sulol’s website.

So if you don’t know if Suloli is legit, check out the full article.

Characteristics of Sulol

  • Website Link – Shop at .
  • Method of payment. Accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, Amex and PayPal.
  • The contact email address is
  • Offers unique items – dresses, sweaters and cardigans, tops and more.
  • Domain age – most recent domain created, 11/11/2021.
  • Delivery Policy – Post and express delivery takes 25 days.
  • Physical address – 145-157; John Street, England
  • Phone number: +447482875871
  • News – not provided.
  • Adjustment Policy – Change within 30 days.
  • Return Policy – Items must be returned in their original condition within 30 days.
  • Refund Policy – Refunds are given within 7 days.

Then, if you want to read the pros and cons of the site, check out the Sulol reviews. These two are very important when reviewing a website.

Advantages of Sulol

  • The portal name and URL match.
  • HTTPS protocol and SSL integration protects Sulol.
  • Social media links are mentioned on the website and are active.

Disadvantages of Sulol

  • Sulol was recently held.
  • The reliability of the database is very low.
  • Customer reviews only appear on your website.
  • There is no newspaper.
  • The website is nearing completion.
  • The site doesn’t like consumers.
  • The office address and contact number are not real.

Is Suloli legal?

To determine if this site is suitable, you should check the criteria discussed below.

  • Date the site was created – The site was created on 11/21/2021, it is more than 6 months old.
  • Expires – Expires 11/10/2022, which means it has a short shelf life.
  • Discounts – Discounts available.
  • Social Media Connections – Active on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Address authenticity – The address is not authentic and is being used by other suspicious websites.
  • Settings – All settings are provided if required.
  • Customer Reviews – You can find customer reviews on their website.
  • Confidence Level – Found to average only 1%.
  • Trust Level – Didn’t see it because of Sulol’s discussions.
  • Content Quality – 58% of data about us is stolen.
  • Alexa Rating – None found.

Customer Reviews

Now we can see if this page has customer reviews or not. So after searching we found customer reviews on their website. And on their Facebook page, some people ask questions about their products. However, no genuine reviews were found on any trusted site. So that’s the problem with their site.

If you are the victim of a scam and want advice on how to send a PayPal refund, go here.

And if you have experience with this site, please share it in the section at the bottom of this Suloly review post.


From the previous discussion we learned that this site is an online store that sells women’s clothing. This page is too small. But she has a social media presence on two major social media platforms Facebook and Instagram but she has very few followers with only 128 and 27 thousand followers respectively.

However, what catches people’s attention is that customers have comments on their page about this page, which we cannot take into account because the comments are not on the original page. So after the above discussion we can say that this website is a suspicious website. And please do your research.

And for tips on how to get cash back with a credit card, check out the Suloly review post here.


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