This article explains the presence of ad trackers in popular passwords and practical steps to block them. Read more details about Stop Wordle.

Worried about trackers in the popular word game? Then we will understand all the details about the tracking process and see other important things related to this topic.

Word game enthusiasts in New Zealand, Australia, India, the US and the UK want to know about the tracking feature, which might not be the best feature users want to experience.

Ad trackers are used for marketing purposes and we investigate and evaluate the options available to turn off Wordle tracking.

About Wordle Tracker

Wardle was purchased by The New York Times after purchasing seven stunning films from developer Josh Wardle. First, ad trackers are implemented to earn relevant website visitors.

David Winder mentioned that he gets a lot of follow up when he plays on Wordle’s website. He also linked to images that followed the ad posted by Stopgame.

Why is Wordle popular?

  • Wordle, a popular word game developed and created by Josh Wardle, became popular after its release in October 2021.
  • Word play has fascinated word game fans worldwide, and traffic to the site has increased.
  • The editor from October 2021 to January 2022 was Josh Wardle.
  • The game starts with words with five letter meanings.
  • Players must complete the game in six tries.
  • The game features three colors that help the player with clues by guiding the correct answer. Colors include grey, yellow and green.

Stope Wordle

  • Ad trackers are very common in digital marketing and advertising, and websites that earn traffic often use trackers.
  • also reports monitors when you play word games.
  • The New York Times reported that the introduction of trackers to Wordle still didn’t impact gameplay or stop the seamless gaming experience.
  • There are many tricks and tips to keep up with Wordle.

How to set up Wordl Ad Tracker?

  • Mobile users can install a tracker blocker that blocks the tracker instantly. Let’s take a closer look at the steps in Stop Wordle.
  • IOS users can use a browser like Safari, which can dramatically help eliminate tracking. Also, use browser add-ons that block device tracking.
  • Another easy way to avoid tracking is to play Wordle offline. Turn off mobile data and enjoy your favorite sound games without being tracked.


Most websites use ad tracking tools to improve marketing and advertising aspects related to website content. Check out this link for details on that.

Have you tried any of the above tips and tricks to stop Wordle? If so, please leave a comment below.


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