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I found a star for money while searching the play store. This is another game where players can plant money trees and earn money through PayPal.

This app is developed by Merge Bot Games, creators of the popular Tree For Money app. It’s similar to another game I recently reviewed, Shake Shake Tree!

The program offers enough cryptocurrency to keep people playing for a long time. Goals allow you to show more ads and increase your revenue.

There are legitimate games, but many developers are reluctant to share advertising revenue with their players. Cash Stars Real or Fake, Regardless of Giving Money? Read on to find out!


What is StarCash?

Starry for Cash is an Android app that allows you to earn virtual dollars by clicking and growing your money tree. This brings you one step closer to getting rich! Yes I love him.

As you progress, you will earn PayPal money that you can only deposit into your account if you meet certain requirements. This is a very intense game as you have to tap the screen to see ad after ad.

How do you play stars for money?

Click on the money tree to collect the green coins and complete the pink line above. Click the PayPal logo to receive alerts in prepaid dollars.

To withdraw money, you need to select “Go” and watch a short video at the end. Sometimes there is no advertising to prevent product collection.

Dollars collected by clicking on the tree are collected in a separate balance and the money is only used to upgrade the tree. So you cannot make money with PayPal.

When you have collected enough coins to upgrade, click Upgrade and your bot will increase. As a result, you can consistently earn more PayPal badges and rewards per click.

Use promotions like rain (automatic lever) and fertilizer to make plants grow faster. You can win more prizes by playing lucky spins.

Stars for money? Is there a commission?

No, I don’t think that’s possible. There is no proof that a player who pays a top prize is eligible for a payout. The possibility of making hundreds of dollars from a simple game funded by advertisers is very real.

Unfortunately this game was released too early so I can’t read or report what other people are saying about this game.

You cannot make a claim without proof. All I can say is that your chances of getting paid are very low and you are wasting a lot of time. Videos are also expensive because they consume a lot of internet data.

Anyway, I recommend playing for fun. How you can enjoy touching a virtual tree thousands of times, I personally prefer a more useful way!

Tired of making others rich without getting anything for your time? Read on to learn how to use the internet to your advantage.


How can I make money online?

Basically, I publish useful content on this site that attracts visitors from all over the world!

Your website allows you to reach a global audience and earn money through advertising, affiliate marketing, and other promotional methods. The sky is the limit for this company!

Building trust and sharing articles with senior management takes time and effort. But only those who choose the less traveled path enjoy the freedom to work from home and become an online entrepreneur!

the end of the end

Thanks for reading the Starry for Cash review. If you have any questions or comments about this, please leave a comment below.


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