Have you made a fraudulent purchase from the USPS? For the solution to this puzzle, see Sonusp’s Scamppost for real information.

Frustrated when you wait for weeks and get bad delivery? Have you reported any shipping or tracking issues to any logistics company? If not, you should use your mail to complain to US citizens and address their concerns.

EU In the case of the Sonusp fraud, our view is that it has caused confusion in the logistics industry due to inaccurate or inaccurate product delivery information. Read our article to learn more about this scam!

Why is the latter so popular?

Cybercriminals send fake Sonusp messages using a phone number and tracking number with an address on the fake website sonusp.com. Finally, shoppers are advised not to click on a link in a fake USPS tracking scam ad, as the fake website will send messages to steal personal and financial information.

Let’s learn more about Sonusp to confirm Sonusp reviews.

What is expected next?

According to our research, Sonusp has an inactive website since April 12, 2021. Sonusp is a logistics company that provides shipping and order tracking to online customers. Apart from this information, we could not find any additional information on the website.

What is computer fraud?

In cyber fraud, fraudsters hide a lot of information. Cyber ​​security agencies cannot detect and punish immediately. Scammers can use personal and financial information provided on a fake website to trick you. If you have been scammed into providing financial information, contact your bank for assistance.

Comments for the sequel

On behalf of the USPS, USP refers companies and services to ensure that customers track their prices and receive the correct payments. However, many customers do not post complaints on online customer forums to share their experiences with other Sonusp users.

Another user described the scam, saying the message they received came from a phone number (8332604814) with an order tracking number (US9514961195221) and a link. After clicking on the link to execute the command, the victim is redirected to various dangerous websites that may contain personal banking or personal information.

What is the mechanism of serial cheating?

In Sonusp’s tests, scammers claim they can’t ship because the shipping address is incorrect. There is a link sent in an SMS message. Instead, the URL “aidingusp.com” redirects you to a fake website. How it works:

  • Costs of tax administration
  • You have been tricked into providing your bank details.

Your device may be infected with malware, malware, viruses and other malicious programs that can damage your system and steal your personal information. Learn more about the dangers of texting.


As interesting as it is, it is not recommended to click on links or provide personal information about this Sonusp scam. The first thing you need to know is to avoid these scams and search the internet for reviews.

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