The guide contains detailed information about the benefits of and Sixshe to help customers make the right choice.

Looking for the best women’s clothing online? Do you want to buy shoes, swimwear and other summer clothes online? In the online store you can find women’s designer clothes, summer clothes, women’s shoes and swimwear.

The store has a new clothing collection and everything is available at an affordable price with a first-order discount. The store attracts shoppers from the US and India and claims to offer deep discounts. But before you buy from the store, be sure to read Sixshe’s reviews.

What is is an online store specializing in women’s clothing and swimwear. The store has a selection of fashionable women’s clothing, such as swimwear, shoes and summer clothes for women.

The store even offers discounts on first orders and free shipping on orders over $79. In addition, employs fashionable clothes and shoes, selected according to the latest trends for the needs of fashionable women.

Each product comes with a description; You can check the small recipe before buying. But trust customers looking for unbiased reviews to see if Sixshe is legit or a scam.


Product category – Women’s clothing, clothing, shoes, swimwear and overalls
Email support –
Payment methods – PayPal, Apple Pay and credit card
Phone – +1 502-833-8765
The store’s address has not been specified
Email newsletter subscription – available
Registration Registration – Registration 9 July 2021, age – one year and nine days.
Delivery details and information. Orders are delivered within 24-48 hours and the processing time is 2-6 days. Estimated delivery times vary from a week to 35 days depending on location. Orders not processed within 14 days will be returned or refunded.

Right of return – The right to return the purchase is 30 days. Orders damaged or damaged after Sixshe’s review must be returned to the store within 30 days of receipt for a refund. After receiving the goods, the shop starts paying for a week.
The social media logo is not visible.

Sixth good

Stylish and stylish women’s clothing
Various shoes and heels
Women’s swimwear
Discount per code
Free shipping over $79
Returns and returns are available on all orders

Six disadvantages

I don’t know the owner’s name
A physical address is not used
He is not active on social media

Is Sixshe legit or a scam?

Online scams have become common these days and many people fall victim to them every day. So, before buying from a store, you should always check the authenticity of the store to avoid scams and stay alert and vigilant. was registered a year ago in July 2021 and the name is only registered for two years when it expires on July 9, 2023.
The confidence level is 60% depending on the author’s age. Trust is 100%. However, you should familiarize yourself with the store carefully before buying.

The site has several reviews from Sixsh users, all of which are positive. The e-commerce site has many reviews selling its products.

physical address not available; so his creditworthiness cannot be assessed.
The store does not work on social networks, so we do not see user reviews and comments on the Internet.
Based on these findings, the website cannot be considered legitimate. Further research and analysis is required before buying into the market.

Customer Reviews

The site has received many customer reviews, all of which have been positive. But reviews of Sixshay on e-commerce sites are mixed, mostly negative. People have problems with size and reproductive retardation; that is why they share a negative view on the e-commerce side.

The analytics on this website are not taken into consideration when assessing its accuracy. Consumers should therefore research a product thoroughly before buying it in a store. You should also read helpful PayPal tips for reporting scams to be safe.

Final Decision is a clothing and swimwear store for women. However, the agreement does not contain many key features, and SixShay’s reviews do not support the accuracy of the site. So research more before you buy in the store to avoid unnecessary scams. It is also worth reading the helpful guide on how to report credit card fraud. This helps you to be safe when paying online.

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