A survey conducted by business coach Simon Leviev provided all the necessary information about Simon Leviev’s life story.

Do you like online melodramas? Have you ever watched a series on an OTT platform? The crime documentary TheTinderSwindler is getting worldwide attention. The store is very attractive and people visit it often.

Our study of the business coach Simon Leviev website reveals the story and what the protagonist will do to profit. Anyone who has never seen the series will also be interested.

Crime Documentary About: TheTinder Scam

A crime documentary about a man named Simon Leviev who wants to run a company and make a living in a changed way. Women are deceived into earning money, investing in work, and living a rich life. The series first premiered on NetflixOTT on February 2, 2022.

Simon Leviev website

Simon Huet, real name SimonLeviv. Many women have been deceived and betrayed. The main reason he cheated on all three women was to open a business website with money from them. This site is designed to provide trading advice to others. He wants to live without work. He therefore decided to create a website that he could manage from home. deceived woman. He is constantly engaged in cheating and has been punished for that.

I also looked for info on Simon Levy’s official site, but no official link. After the release of Tinder Swindler, he became a famous man.

Gentleman, I have committed adultery.

SimonLeviv’s real name is SimonHewitt, and he cheated on three other women, hiding his real identity and playing the Diamond KingofIsrael game. Should he trick three women into doing it? Voices of Fjellhoy, Eileen Charlotte and Pernilla Siodum. Use the Tinder app to meet women. In return, he received a huge sum from each woman. TheTinder is currently banned.

where is he

Simon Levy knows that he started a business advice site for people who need business advice. In July, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in his past life. However, 10 months later (within 5 months) he was released. He has previously been involved in many perverted acts. But now he is living a prosperous life without problems. He was unfortunately never acquitted. He always lives according to his will. There were so many varieties of him that it was impossible to distinguish them.

final decision

In short, this study from the website of business educator Simon Leviev tells you about Simon Leviev’s real life. After Tinder Swindler, the crime documentary became an absolute hit. For more information on Simon Leviv, please visit this page.


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