This article explores all the information and pictures related to the death of Ser Criston Cole and the end of the House of Dragons.

Have you ever seen a dragon house? Confused about the Dragon House ending? This ending of Dragon House confuses many viewers. A large number of viewers from all over the world were interested in the show. If you are looking for all the details about web series. Please read this article about the death of Sir Crystal Cole.

What happened to Sir Crystal Cole’s character in House of Dragons episode 5?

The ending of Dragon House surprised everyone. The audience wondered why Sir Crystal. Cole wants to kill himself In season 5, Sir Crystal Cole decides to commit suicide. ruined the rest of his life But at the last moment he was stopped by Alicent, who appeared in the green Hightower at the end of the day. He said nothing but his name. We don’t know what he said next. One thing that is clear from this discussion is that there is a tendency to change direction.

Why did Sir Chris kill Joffrey?

Another shocker in the show is that Ser Criston was able to kill Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. Rhaenyra was the one who planned to kill Sir Joffrey. Ser Joffrey is married to Rhaenyra. Sir Criston is also a big fan of Renira. But when he expressed his feelings to Renira, Renira refused saying that she could not lose the crown. And she has more important things to do than build a relationship. Ser Criston was disappointed to see Rhaenyra resting the night with her Ser Criston. Read on to find out more about what happened to Sir Criston Cole. The most disturbing part of all this is Rhaenyra’s confession to her Ser Christ that she will stay with Ser Joffrey as long as she is betrothed. She woke up Jesus Christ with rage and fury. and he chose to kill the bridegroom.

Was it because of the death of Ser Joffrey Lonmouth?

Some of you may be wondering if Sir Joffrey was really dead Yes, but what happened when Christ decided to kill Kol? Sir Joffrey? From what Alicent said, Crystal Cole seemed very much alive. Read more about Alicent and Sir Criston Cole and Alicent, but when guilt overtakes him and he repents. He begged Alison to kill him. The next step is unknown. Since the conversation between Alcent and Sir Geoffrey was invisible, according to sources, there is a reason why Sir Criston Cole decided to tell Alcent that he was in bed with Rhaenyra, and this shocked many people.


In the last paragraph of this article we can say that Sir Crystal Cole tries to commit suicide because of his guilt and anger towards Reniera. The finish was amazing. The mystery of Sir Crystal Cole’s murder remains a mystery. Check out this page for more information on the House of Dragon ending.


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