This Seder Wordle article can help our readers to solve the 380 Wordle puzzle. See this article to see which answer is correct.

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As the name says it all, Wordle is an online word game. Every day players get a new word puzzle that can be solved using blocking techniques and played every day. Various countries like Australia, India etc. are obsessed with this sport. Unfortunately, Cedar Wordle players are confused.

Read this article carefully to know the correct answer and tips to fix Wordle 338.

Is “Mom” the correct answer?

However, if you believe that cedar is the right answer, we want to remind you that it is the wrong answer. However the actual word ends with “ER” as well as two “E’s” which can confuse players. Anyway, let’s explain the difference between cedar and black, folks. Instead, the correct answer is “serious”.

Now that we have told you the correct answer, now you can master the correct Wordle quickly.

Is the word cedar?

Many of you are wondering, is seder really a word? Note that Seder is an actual word that refers to the ritual meal prepared at the beginning of Passover to commemorate the Jewish exodus from Egypt. But this term has nothing to do with Wordle 380 as we have already answered it well in the second paragraph. We also discuss why people confuse this term with the correct term.

The Meaning of the Seder

Translated into English, “Seder” means commandment. The Seder is a Jewish meal ritual that includes the reading of the Haggadah, which outlines the rules of proper eating and tells the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt.

We would like to remind our readers not to be confused by the words used in the second paragraph. Choose the correct word.

Vocabulary tips and tricks

If you haven’t completed your Wordle after reading this Seder Wordle article and you’re looking for tips, tricks, and tricks, you should read this article for some useful tips.

  • The correct word begins with r.
  • There are two vowels in 4th and 2nd position.
  • The purpose of the word is to cut and separate an element.

These clues should be enough to guide you to the correct answer in today’s text. However, if you don’t understand it, don’t worry, go to the next paragraph, we have given the correct word in that paragraph.


In the latest updated post, we tell our readers about the meaning of the word seder, Wordle 380 quiz tips and correct answers.

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