This article deals with the recent Salman Rushdie Satanic vs. Wiki scandal.

What do you know about satanic theology? This book is in the news after author Salman Rashidi was stabbed in New York City. The fact is another blow to author Rushdie, but also to freedom of the press.

Many readers in India and Canada have already condemned the attack. The medical team is now teaching Salman breathing techniques for further treatment. You should find and check the Satan Verses Wiki.

What do you know about Satan’s price?

A famous revolutionary novel by Salman Rushdie. But religion shows, there are many who do not believe, and there are those who believe. After reading this book, some interesting facts of the book become clear.

This is Rushdie’s fourth novel. This book was published in 2015 and since then this book has become a major source of controversy. This book is written from the perspective of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Most of them are based on the analysis of Muhammad’s life by discussing various topics.

Satan’s words

Eleven human and three pagan gods are mentioned in the Satanic Books: Aruja, Manat and Allat. The phrase satanic poetry gave birth to the idea of ​​”satanic thoughts” in the life of a Muslim. Rashidi described God from the perspective of Islamic culture, thought and language analysis. This has alarmed most Muslims.

Some Islamic countries have declared war against Rashid. Rushdie also faced several threats to his life in England. Some insecure Muslims decided to ban this multilateral group and presented the book as a threat to their lives.

Satan Verses Wiki – Latest Update

Salman Rushdie recently visited the United States to participate in a public debate on artistic freedom. While Rushdie was addressing the audience, a 24-year-old youth went on stage and attacked Rushdie. Police later arrested the culprit. The fighter’s name is Hardy Mater.

Hardy lives in New Jersey and is a touring artist. Paramedics and paramedics rushed Rashdi to a nearby hospital. The surgery was performed by a team of doctors, but the famous author is still fighting the ghost of Wiki City.

Why is the news hot?

Many people are shocked after this terrible incident. Many are responding on social media. Many have called it an attack on press freedom. Millions of people do not support the idea of ​​Islamic extremism and condemn all forms of religious extremism. Many major media outlets published articles honoring the revolutionary Salman Rushdie.


According to the latest update, the status is important to this author. The medical team is examining his health. Because of this, many people search Satanic Poems Wiki and want to know more about it.

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