Do you know about the attack on SAS Airlines? 3Enter the parking lot. The reputation of Scandinavia has already been mentioned by commercial pilots. However, no one has been able to provide a perfect cure until now. This is not surprising. The attack has affected the global aviation system.

The last session took place on Saturday 16 July 2022. But for some baby boomers, it will take longer. Scandinavian summer vacation. But the Sus Air strike pilot agreed to the appeal.

What is the purpose of the attack?

The strike began on July 4, 2022. A meeting between the airline and the management of Sas took place today. However, the meeting was postponed to negotiate a payment agreement. The union wants all employers to improve their wage packages. 1,000 people work on the block.

Meanwhile, Sas CEO Anas Van Der Werff said negotiations are ongoing. But the strike is now taking a toll on the airline industry.

This is the latest in SasAirlines pilots’ Long Serpent Fever

According to a recent report, the Scandinavian aviation industry faces $9 million a day. As you know, it’s summer vacation in this country. Right now people are moving on. But the opposing masses love the party.

Airlines have had to cancel more than 100 flights in the last 15 days. At this point, the union took out company insurance in the first week of July. Other experts are now investigating the situation and know what the attack will change.

Pilots strike at Sas Airlines

Many economists say the strike will stifle growth in the airline industry. Investors are already losing $700 million to the attack. During that time, more than $300 billion was invested in civilian aircraft for attacks.

The board is also considering already fallen share prices for strikes. But the government is trying to coordinate plans to negotiate with the unions. But I could not find a solution to end the conversation. Passengers continue to face stiff competition for Sus Airways pilots.

Why does news differ in different media industries?

The Danish and Swedish governments own 21.8% of SAS. The company’s inventory is getting smaller every day due to the strike. This is particularly important for the Swedish and Danish authorities. News will be published and shared on social media platforms. Many other unions support the decision to establish new interactions with pilots and workers.

at last

Meanwhile, the Danish government recently decided to increase investment by strike pilots in Suss Airways. The Swedish government is ready to accept it now. Therefore, you should check your anti-discussion extension.


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