Salecb is not an online shop. Does that mean Saleb is a traitor? Let’s see if is a scam or legit and more importantly let’s see what is actually reading these Salecb reviews here. Let’s start reading our Salecb review.

Salecb may be a fraudulent online store due to one of the reasons listed below:

# Salecb did not provide a business address or phone number. However, all legitimate internet marketers will give you all their contact information. Only fake online stores cannot provide real information about their contact number.

Like many scam sites, Salecb is a poorly designed site similar to many scam sites. The web design is a mess and sells many products at huge discounts, does not fully secure the website and copies a lot of information from other websites etc. So if you make a purchase on this website, your financial and personal information can be collected.

There are many new online stores that promise to sell various products with big discounts, but most of them are scams. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid new online stores or at least do some research before buying anything from new online stores as most of these online stores do not offer purchased products to their customers or offer low quality or unreliable products. .

Many scam sites even unknowingly owe their customers credit cards without realizing it. If you have been scammed by purchasing from fraudulent websites, we encourage you to notify your credit card or banking company immediately to protect your credit card information.

Nowadays, there are many online stores that are fake. Therefore, to protect yourself from scams, you can only sell related products from Amazon, eBay, etc. We recommend buying from reputable online stores like At least do your research before deciding to buy anything from online retailers.


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