Rohone, which sells a wide range of accessories such as goggles, shoes, electric bicycles, electric bicycles, etc., does not exist or the official website. What do we mean when we say Rohan is a scam? Tell us if is authentic and true and read the Rohone Review here. Let us start by reading this review by Rohon.

The following facts may constitute skepticism on Rohon’s website:

#Rohon has provided its address as “Room 408, Yiyuan Building, 69 Haifu Road, Milan District, Haiko, Hainan, 570203 China.” However, when I searched this address on Google Maps and found that Google could not find the exact location, it was only partially equivalent. Thus, Rohon is an unreliable website, because online stores provide company address correctly, while fake online stores often hide themselves or use the address.

Like most stores, Rohon neighborhoods are not as good, like most stores. For example, the design of the site is broad, and the description of the Rohon site as well as other sites is questionable in terms of design; Rohan sells a wide range of products at low prices that are almost too good to be true; Rohone will not let you buy anything over $ 100. However, I have seen these things in the media, even if not in the right place. Finally, there is no need to prevent consumers from making purchases that would make it difficult for any online store to complete a sale; Rohon is not handling his site correctly and this is a big problem. Rohon’s website is not secure, so if you shop in this area, your financial and personal information may be stolen.

There are many new stores on the line that promise to offer a wide range of products at great discounts, but mostly for scientists. Therefore, you should stay away from new online stores, or at least know the risks before buying anything from new online stores, because most of the online stores This line is not given to their customers and usually it is not given low or high quality. …. Success.

Many credit card companies pay customers without permission. If you have made a purchase through a fraudulent website, we recommend that you contact your doctor card or bank account immediately to verify your credit card information.

Many online stores have been rigged. We recommend that you only purchase such products from reputable online stores, such as Amazon and similar stores, to avoid any hassle. You need to do some research before purchasing from unsuspecting online customers.


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