In this article you will find about the Stubbs robbery and the occasions that followed. Follow our blog for more data.

Have you found out about the robbery recently? Do you know current realities, if not, you ought to follow this. The cheats broke into the store to take everything, except were harmed. The video was delivered in the United States after the episode.

Today, this article makes sense of the relative multitude of subtleties of the privateer wounding episode. Follow the blog for more data.


After the video turned into a web sensation via online entertainment, another case arose of a hoodlum attempting to burglarize a store. On August 3, 2022, two hoodlums accepted to be minors purportedly endeavored to ransack a cigarette shop in Los Angeles. At the point when he entered the smokehouse, the sales rep, played by Johnny Nguyen, asked him for what reason he was doing this. Cover their appearances. The criminal didn’t let out the slightest peep.

Storekeeper Johnny Nguyen was diverted and staff hit the assailant with a sharp item.

Robbery Details:

I love to hack. Two cheats went to loot the store. In any case, what they didn’t know was that the retailer had proactively utilized a strong weapon to safeguard himself. At the point when the young fellow attempted to go around the tree, Nguyen, the retailer, overreacted and turned into a hoodlum.

He shouts before the hoodlum that he is dead, and after a couple of blows with the weapon, he tumbles to the ground. At the point when one of the robbers was harmed, the other went to the store and attempted to shield himself.

This is the very thing that occurred after the programmers were terminated:

Subsequent to reaching Nguyen, police showed up at a smoking region at the crossing point of Sahara and Decatur roads. The cheat is gotten and the criminal is supposed to be alive subsequent to being harmed.

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Turning on and off once more:

I love hacking. This article has every one of the subtleties. Click here for more data on the Los Angeles robbery.


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