This post requires the correct answer of 411 words. Have you ever heard of Rhume wordle? Read on to learn more.

Haven’t you played yesterday’s Wordle yet? If you’re in the mood for Wordle solutions, you might have played the Wordle game yesterday. Word solving is a lot of fun. This will help you expand your vocabulary. Did you solve yesterday’s Wordle? Because many people guessed the wrong answer. Wordle performed poorly in the UK and Canada.

Did you suggest that yesterday’s Rhume Wordle gave the correct answer?

411 Words Correct Answer

On August 4, 2022, people had to guess 411 words. RHYME was the correct answer for 411 words. This is a false assumption made by players like Rum. We’ve provided the best 411 word answers so you can play it safe next time.

What is Hume’s game?

Rummy is not a game. But the puzzle game is very popular. Many people may not understand Rhume Rhyme game properly and suggested this method which will lead to losing the game.

Wordle Notes August 4, 2022

  • Yesterday’s word must have only one syllable and no repeated words.
  • A word with the preposition “time”.
  • Yesterday’s Wordle required the first word to be “R”.
  • Only one session is required to complete the download.

Have you met all the 411 Wordle requirements? Read on to learn more about Rhue Wordle HTML3_.

What is a word?

Wordle is an internet based word puzzle game made by Josh Wardle. Consistently he provokes himself to figure another word posted on the authority site of the New York Times. The player has six opportunities to figure the response.

The New York Times now owns the game and it has been played by thousands around the world. Each time you fill in the cells with the correct answer, the color of the question changes. Each time a puzzle is solved, the color changes to green, red or blue. Each dynamic color has its own meaning. Do you know the game rom?

What does color change mean in Wordle?

The color of the question will change based on your answers. We will explain what each color attribute means.

  • If the question turns green, you have correctly placed the right word in the right place.
  • If the puzzle turns yellow, you put the wrong letter in the wrong place.
  • If the puzzle is gray, there are no words or letters in the right place.


The correct answer yesterday is “RIHMA” and most people understand it as ROMA. This is ultimately the wrong answer. Did you win or lose yesterday’s word game? Leave your valuable comments about Rhume Wordle below. You can click here to see the term and its full details.


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