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Hints and solutions for puzzle 105 #

RALPH is considered an official name, but it can also mean “loa”. You’ll find the answer with the unusual “-LPH” ending.

Below are tips to help players solve the puzzle within the time limit and share the answer on social media. There are suggestions

  • Of the four words beginning with r, 1 has c, 2 has r, 3 has i and 4 has

Other tips to follow Ralph Wordle’s description

  • 1: H, 2: T, 3: T, 4: Y Identify the last letter of the word
  • Wreck-it is the first singular form of the word.
  • The metal is long, usually gold, iron, silver or other metals.
  • Criticism is a common noun.
  • The fourth key word is friendship

For those who are not satisfied with the above suggestions, here is the solution for Quora 105 May 9, 2022:

  • Ralph
  • coins
  • very greedy

The above solution to the puzzle was obtained from Quardle peak 105

Description: Ralph Wordley

Quardle released a puzzle today, May 9th, and it’s a tough one. “Look for four words instead of one word like Wordle,” Quardle said. Players may need help as it is as difficult as it looks. If you use prompts like these, you can easily find the answer in the rest of the paper. Daily word games like Quardle are the most popular. Dordal gained a following shortly after its release, and players had a more difficult career than Verdal. Add more details to puzzle creator Ralph Wordley’s description below

It was created by playwright Freddie Meyer in late January. Players may not know what a quadrangle is, but it is a game where you have to guess 4 words with 5 letters instead of one.


According to the study, Quardle is like Wordle, which is more difficult than a standard puzzle where the player can solve four words continuously. With the help of questions, you can find the answers easily and quickly.

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