The article talks about everything about the Prohot store, its products and reviews, and also talks about whether you should buy this store or not.

Looking for different types of electronics? Looking for a long awaited TV, gadget or game console? The website we are talking about today has various electronic stores that you can shop from and give your home a modern and innovative look. People in the US surf the web every day to find the best deals on their favorite gadgets. We cover Prohot reviews for buyers.

About ProHot

Prohot is an online electronics site that includes a variety of electronics such as cameras, LED TVs, outdoor lighting, kitchen appliances and more. These household items are essential for general purposes and give the home a modern and innovative look. For gamers, this site is a gift because it has many different things for gamers. The site claims to offer fast and free shipping.


The domain name, which dates back to the founding date of the store, is not mentioned anywhere on the website.
A social networking platform. We have not seen a single site on the internet that matches Is Prohot Legit.
Address Properties: 116 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UN, UK.

Payment System – Payments are made by credit card and PayPal.

return plans We mentioned the 30-day refund policy.
Payback Times – Payback days are not mentioned.
Send an email to
Shipping and delivery times. Items are expected to ship within 5-10 business days.

The dominance of the website

Prohot is an online store that provides various electronic series.
The store claims that they sell authentic products and are easy to buy.

Cons according to Prohot Reviews

Prohot received a terrible school of trust, which shows the distrust of buyers to the site.
Surprisingly, the website does not show the date of the domain name and we do not know when the store was created.

There is no mention of an online store in the address information provided.

Is Prohot a well-established online business store?

Prohot has all the products you need to improve your home. But the real question is whether the store is real. To do this, we try to collect reviews about Prohot, so that buyers can quickly get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sales of the online store.

Domain Year – The website’s domain year is unknown and is not displayed anywhere.
Index of confidence. We found that the confidence index was only one percent.

Alexa Rank – The website’s Alexa rank is 6680922.

False content found. The products in this store are not fake, but we cannot comment on their authenticity.
Correctness of the address – the given address data is not related to the online shop; so we don’t think the details are legit.
Social media space. We have no relevant information about any Instagram or Facebook page that can answer any doubts about IsProhot Legit.
Information about the owner – there is no accurate information about the owner on the site.
Unreal Discounts – Discounts are not allowed on items sold on this site.
Comments Unfortunately, this store has not received any customer comments.

Customer Reviews

The store has many products for customers and clients, but we found that they did not attract their attention. We have no idea whether the products sold are genuine or not because there are no online reviews mentioned by customers. In this case, we could not collect any feedback from Prohot, but if we find any feedback about the products in the future, be sure to update them in this post.

In the meantime, those unfamiliar with electric mosquito nets and their uses can read here and get a full refund via PayPal to protect themselves from these stores.

Final Thought

We will close this post by saying that the website is unfortunate and does not seem legit and you should not buy anything from this store. Instead, people should trust the authentic stores and buy their requirements from these websites. We did not find any reviews for Prohot. What do you think about this site? Comment below and find out how to get a credit card refund here.


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