Learn more about Onclouds.com Reviews, a website that sells clothing. Find out the details of the site and find out if it is legal.

Want to buy shoes with a thin upper? Want soft soles? Are you looking for clothes with great designs and products? Are you looking for comfortable running shoes? Are you looking for durable footwear? Interested in water sports kayak shoes? Do you prefer a casual and sporty look with outfits perfect for a dance party?

Read reviews on Onclouds.com to buy these shoes in the USA!


Onclouds.com sells casual and sporty clothing for men and women. It is a business website that aims to meet different clothing needs of customers and offers cheap products.

But Onclouds.com is a copy of the shoes sold by hokrunning.cloud. Onclouds.com policy content is also stolen from various websites. Onclouds.com does not clearly display its physical address.

Onclouds called its product a copy of the “On Cloud” brand and capitalized on the “On Cloud” reputation. Because of this, Onclouds products are a copycat brand, which begs the question: Is Onclouds.Com legit?

Onclouds.com offered unisex clothing, although women’s and men’s clothing are categorized differently on their sites. Women’s shoes are like men’s shoes and are not specifically designed for women. onclouds.com features:

  1. 78 types of sneakers for women and
  2. 77 kinds of running shoes for men.


  • Buy sneakers online: https://Onclouds.com.
  • Social Media Links: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Price: $25.83 to $25
  • Physical address: 1 PREMIUM BOULEVARD SUITE 850, Jersey Shore Upscale Stores.
  • Customer testimonials and blogs: Not endorsed by Onclouds.com.
  • Terms and Conditions: This purchase flies on Onclouds.com, honored in Onclouds.com reviews.
  • Privacy Policy: Such purchase is not included in Onclouds.com.
  • Phone number (or) WhatsApp: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Store Origin: Onclouds.com does not disclose the store’s physical address.
  • Help and FAQs: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Shipping Policy: Shoes are shipped from Onclouds.com within 15 business days.
  • Delivery Policy: Onclouds.com has a three day processing time. Shoes are shipped with
  • UPS and the shipping charge is $10 for orders under $75.
  • Tracking: Available at Onclouds.com
  • Return Policy: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Return Policy: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Email address: service@ollinsr.com.
  • Method of payment: Via PayPal with Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard and Amex in USD.
  • Newsletters: Not supported by Onclouds.com.

Benefits mentioned in Onclouds.com reviews:

  • Free shipping on orders over $75 at Onclouds.com.
  • Buy two pairs for $79.98 and three for $99.98.
  • Onclouds.com is offering over 63% off a shoe
    Different shoe sizes, designs and colors are offered on Onclouds.com
  • Simple Onclouds.com interface with search, filter and organize functions

Mistake: .

  • An unrealistic and incredibly tempting offer to sell three pairs for $200.
  • Wrong shoe specs on Onclouds.com are stolen from various sites
  • Onclouds.com uses the “On Cloud” trademark in bad faith and displays such branded apparel under the Onclouds name.
  • Onclouds.com does not state a return and refund policy
  • There is no change in the design of women’s clothing.

Is Onclouds.Com legit?

  • Created onclouds.com: March 11, 2022 00:51:22.
  • Onclouds.com Last updated: Mar 11, 2022 12:51:22 AM.
  • Onclouds.com is valid for the next 348 days on March 11, 2023 at 00:51:22.
  • Onclouds.com Age: seventeen days.
  • Trust Index: Onclouds.com achieves a whopping 2% trust rating.
  • Country of origin: The country of origin of Onclouds.com is the United States.
  • Blacklist Status: Onclouds.com is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status: The IP address has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Threat Profile: 99/100.
  • Proximity to doubtful places: 9/100.
  • False score: 99/100.
  • Malware score: 98/100.
  • Spam rating: 95/100.
  • Communications security: Onclouds.com uses the secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact: Not listed on Onclouds.com.
  • Onclouds.com Social Media Note: Onclouds.com does not have a presence on social media.
  • Owner’s Contact Information and Identity: Prepared by the icann.org service.

Customer Comments:

Three reviews on YouTube and four reviews on Onclouds.com indicate that this is a possible scam. Additionally, Onclouds.com achieved a negative Alexa ranking of 8,265,289.

Customer reviews and ratings are unmatched anywhere else online and on social media. Onclouds.com does not accept product reviews.

To avoid scams, read about PayPal scams because Onclouds.com accepts PayPal payments.


Oncloud.com just launched and had a short life. Onclouds.com has excellent scores for threat profiles and vulnerabilities. Onclouds.com reviews conclude that Onclouds.com is a scam. There is no buyer’s guarantee of delivery. We do not recommend Onclouds.com due to its trust rating and poor Alexa score.

Read about credit card fraud because Onclouds.com accepts credit card payments.

Are reviews on Oncloud.com informative? Then respond under this article on Onclouds.com.


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