Friends, would you say you are a stuffed animal collector? Stuffed animals are loved by young and old because of their endearing grace. We will check if there are any online stores that sell stuffed animals.

We present to you today an internet based site that sells many stuffed animals. The site is called Omgkawaii. Many people from United States and India are interested in this site. If you are interested in getting acquainted with this site, check out our reviews.


Omgkawaii offers a variety of plush toys. They also sell clothing and decorations. Your items are adorable and the name kawaii comes from a Japanese word meaning adorable. This page was created in 2020. This site does not provide any data about their company or owner, making them dubious and cryptic.

Then we will check the details of the website. Read on to know if is legit?


Age section: This page was created on 10/02/2020.
Available item accessories, clothing and stuffed animals.
Shipping Time: Products can be shipped to the United States within 7 to 15 business days.
Exchange of goods: The products must be returned within approximately 15 days of transport.
Commercial Policy: The products to be marketed are recognized.
Discount Policy – Refund time not set.
Brochure – Bulletin accessible to customers for future updates.
Telephone number not given.
Email address interface via
Contact Address – Frisco TX 75034. 4141 Frisco Green Avenue.
Space link –
We will also find out what are the positive and terrible parts of the site through Reviews.


The site has been online for more than 1 year.
They don’t have many web-based entertainment accounts.
The website is protected by the HTTPS convention
An email ID and location are recorded.
The page will be deleted shortly.
There are no certifiable customer reviews.
Trust Score is not enough.
Founder personality not accessible


You can track the reality regarding the site’s legitimacy with a few caveats (which we’ll explore below). Try not to miss this important point in our conversation.

There are no limits to your articles.

Website Closing Day: The website will be closing shortly, that is 10/02/2022.
Alexa Rank: This page was ranked at 2,138,630.
Confidence Score: The Confidence Score is 45%, which is below normal.
Confidence level: The confidence ranking is only 58.3%, which is nothing special.
Strategic approaches are obviously referenced.
Content Quality: Submission guideline content is 67% fake.
Address Authentication: Please check with Reviews if actual location is invalid.
Year the site was founded: This site was created on October 2nd, 2020.
Social platforms: There are some virtual entertainment accounts.
Customer Feedback: No feedback from a trusted local.

customer comments

Our investigation found some customer inquiries about your items. Some inquiries have been made through his Instagram posts. We couldn’t find any valid customer reviews from trusted sources. This is the main problem as customer reviews are an important part of assessing a website’s authenticity.

You can also comment on the site via reviews.

You can also get a refund through PayPal if PayPal cheated you.


Here is the summary of each past discussion. We recently discovered that this site sells stuffed animals and is dynamic on Instagram and Facebook page with few followers. It also has north of a year. It has no information about the owner and also needs customer reviews.

This site could be considered dubious and problematic. The rest really depends on you.


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