This article introduces readers to the news of a car accident in Ohio, United States. On November 30, an Indian student was killed and passengers were injured.
Do you know of a car accident in Ohio? If not, we’ll let you know. Several Cleveland State University students were injured in a serious car accident in Ohio, United States. There was a serious accident between the car and the car of a student who was injured in November. You can see that the injured are from India.

It’s very sad. Read on the car accident of November 30 for more information and insights into the medical condition of the injured student and the serious collision between the Indian student and the car.

What happened on November 30th

In November, an Indian student was hit by a bus while he was shopping in his car. A 22-year-old Chilsai from Suryapet, Telangana, died there. While Nargonda’s wife was in a coma, several other passengers were injured and taken to hospital.

Read on to find out more about Chiru Sai, 22, who died in a car accident.

Road accident victims: Chilsai

Chiru Sai, 22, is from Suryapet, Telangana. According to the November 10 incident report. Chiru Sai, 30, holds a master’s degree in information systems from Cleveland State University. Previously, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from SRM University in India.

He visited India for 10 days and was shopping with his friends. However, an unfortunate accident robbed a waiting family in his hometown of Suryapet, Telangana.

Therefore, we will provide our readers with information about the victims of Chilsai. In the future, we will provide more information to our readers about Friends of Sai activities.

Road accident on November 30:

A serious car accident occurred in Ohio. A car carrying an Indian student crashed into a bus, killing a 22-year-old Chiru Sai boy and seriously injuring other passengers.

Chiru’s Indian friend used social media to share his grief over the death of his close friend. He also launched a fundraising campaign on behalf of Chil Sai to financially support the Sai family. Sai’s father and sister have so far donated $ 100,000 to a 100% fundraising campaign.

According to media reports, a woman fell into a coma in a car accident on 30 November.


To conclude this article, I will explain to readers why and how it happened in Ohio, where an Indian student was killed. Check out the links below to learn more about fatal accidents involving injured Indian students.

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