The Newmexicodelivers com article provides information about the website and the reasons for creating this government website, along with the results of the legitimacy test.

Do you have any information about the upcoming gubernatorial election? What are the different ways to start a campaign? The American people are waiting for the next presidential election. Many politicians attend many meetings, events, etc. to gain public trust. So Michelle Lujan Grisham chose another path. Here is an article from Newmexicodelivers com.

Site Objectives

This is a government website created for the election campaign. The main purpose of this website is to provide information about Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and her accomplishments as Governor of New Mexico. Highlights Michelle’s social work.

According to online sources, some Republican candidates criticized him for not doing anything for the people. So he created this website as proof of his campaign to please the public and Republicans. The elections are scheduled to be held on November 8, 2022.

What is

Since this is a government website, people assume that the domain name ends in .gov. However, domains end in .com, but people want a .gov website. Unfortunately, a website named newmexicodelivers does not end with a GOV domain.

The actual domain name created for the election campaign was therefore a domain name ending in .com. site is not available online. So people should go to the right website because some sites can steal personal information to get selected.

Site Features

The site is designed to reflect their party’s agenda. The website provides a detailed account of Michelle’s propaganda. IS

  • Financial aid $1,500.
  • Free higher education
  • Many families can benefit from free childcare.
  • Reduce changes in business management.
  • All Mexican workers are entitled to 64 hours of paid sick leave.
  • Tax deductions for social security benefits.
  • Expand tax credits for working families
  • A large international preschool program.

Additionally, people can donate or donate to Michelle. These donations are used for election purposes only.

Legality Assessment

Newmexicodelivers com Michelle Lujan Grisham It is important to evaluate the legitimacy of a website for a domain with a website ending in He posted the page on his Facebook timeline. People have commented on this post about this site. He is the 32nd governor of New Mexico after 18 years of active involvement in politics.

Therefore, since it is a government authority, it cannot create an illegal website. The site appears to have a valid SSL certificate and was registered on April 13, 2022. But it only has a 1% trust index. However, comments about them can be seen on Facebook. So this is possibly a legit site.


Then the article included the website information. Many people say that social media and some websites are manipulating people to vote for certain parties. Other sites and tracking of your data.

People should be careful in elections and exercise their democratic rights properly. They choose the right boss for themselves. More information on the website.

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