This article contains information about the new virus scandal on 11/20/22 and all related links.

Are you aware of any new funeral scandals? The internet is full of a couple of videos. because of emotions, filipinos are guilty and should be released.

People have been trying to click on every link to the video since the scandal broke in November. More on New Viral Scandal November 20th and 22nd

Reports on the Viral Scandal

When the scandal began in November 2022, two minors were involved in criminal acts. It was immediately posted online and became a viral video. People have been asking for it since time immemorial. The public reaction to the scandal was international.

Internet searchers can’t find it properly because it has been removed from the Internet and no real source has been attached to it. We also noticed that the person who shared this video is offline.

Details of Pinny’s serious scandal

This disturbing video was widely shared and received unwanted attention. Most of these videos are shared on social media like Reddit and Twitter. However, videos are not allowed on these platforms. We also ban accounts related to video leaks.

This video is not intended for people under the age of 18, you should be careful while watching it. After the video was removed, online forums became popular, stopping the spread of another viral scandal on November 20, 22. The video went viral and quickly became popular on the Internet.

Video footage of the viral scandal

After a video of two girls making love at a funeral, people opposed the change. These unforgivable acts are unacceptable and must be condemned.

They don’t look old. They are divided into small groups. Although the video has been deleted, the couple can still be seen in pictures posted on the internet. Meanwhile, in a serious Pinay scandal, it can be seen that they are married. but there is no evidence

The Reddit video has been removed, some of the comments can be found here.

What is the content of the video?

Two young lovers meet in a cemetery in a scandalous viral video. They don’t look like teenagers. And people expressed concern about his age. These acts of civil disobedience are unacceptable.

The video went viral because of the choice of location. Because of an unbelievable event This new viral scandal also went viral in November 2022. The viral video has all the details.


Due to the viral scandal, it became a topic of discussion on the Internet. Such behavior of young children should be stopped and the authorities should be reported immediately. What do you think of this video? comment below


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