This article is a complete overview of Mouch Wordle spelling and other suggestions.

Do you know the answer to the latest Wordle? Want to know the correct answer to the latest popular Wordle? If so, read below to learn more!

People from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are interested in finding the correct answer to today’s world word! However, many are confused by the mentioned Wordle 340 tips! Learn more about Mouch Wordle and more detailed tips!

Is Mauch a new update or answer to Wordle?

No, Mauch is not a new update of the previous Wordle, but a new answer to Wordle 340. Wordle’s correct answer was MOUCH; Instead it was a VOUCH. Many users have given the correct answer.

Mauch notes the derived meaning of the word Mauk mentioned in the manual! Those who are more interested in the next Wordle should continue to check out the official 24-hour challenge page! Learn more about Mauch Wordle instructions.

Instructions for Enigma

340 number puzzles for May 25, 2022 with various hints that users can solve within 24 hours! Below are some tips to help you solve the game faster.

  • The word consists of two letters grouped together!
  • The “B” word. It starts with a smile
  • Another tip for runners is mentioned as a synonym for “bird”!

Speech rules and norms

  • The user must summarize the answer within 6 attempts.
  • Use the instructions to solve
  • Additional red, gray and yellow symbols are available in green.

Reply to Last Mauch Wordle

May 25, 2022 Riddle number 340 correct answer is VOUCH. The official website will show the correct version after 24 hours of operation.

How to Play Free

You can play games using Discord and Twitter account links. Both Google and the app itself have a special process to play for free! User can follow the following process to play online for free:-

  • The user must first go online.
  • Select the criteria for playing
  • Submit version 6 with an attempt
  • Send your result via Twitter link.

Why is Mauch Wordle in vogue?

The word “mauch” was popular even before the official site posted it, several people wrote about the answers, but the answers were wrong. So when the website posted the correct answer, it helped users parse the answer in the wrong form!


In conclusion, Wordle 340 reportedly caused many players to incorrectly answer “mouch” instead of “voucher”. The game is more interesting when the puzzle has different visible links.

Gamers kicked the idea back after switching from the official website! Do you think Mouch Wordle is a useful site? Explain your answers to completed Enigma topics!


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