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Can you ride a wave with Mistral? What should I look for when buying a surfboard? The Mistral board is available online at and is manufactured in the Netherlands, UK. Before buying from the available online stores, you need to explore many different things. Mistral Paddle Board reviews are not only about the product, but also about the website.


The Mistral’s existence is the vision of a man named Peter Brockhaus. In 1976, he decided that compulsory sports required a different approach and a different way of life. The reliable production team has also created the new Mistral brand. It has become the #1 lifestyle in the world. Mistral was sponsored by designer Christian Müller-Kitnau. The brand is now successfully supported by a talented research and development team and licensed worldwide.

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Site Information:

Website Type: Mistral Paddle Board Website.
Miscellaneous: inflatable boats, surfboards, paddles, accessories, plugs, etc.
Product URL:
Site Creation Date: May 5, 1995 Over 20 years old.
Location: May 6, 2023
Selling price of the product: Selling price of the product in euros (€).
Support email:
Contact address: Mistral Red Dot Office B.V.
Pan Pieter Sondervanweg, 2031 AB Haarlem, The Netherlands, Trading Group No. 08150038, VAT. NL81690793B01
Contact phone: +31 20 248 02 47
Delivery: Orders over £80, excluding equipment such as windsurfing or SUP boards, will be delivered free within the EU.
More about the Mistral board,
Delivery time: 2 days in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Returns: 14 days from order.
Refund and Exchange Policy: Full refund/exchange within 14 days with money back guarantee.
Cancellation Policy: does not cover cancellations.

Tracking Information: product tracking information is not available.

Payment method: Belfius Direct Net, Giro Pay, iDEAL, Klarna Pay After, Klarna Pay Now and other credit cards.

The good part

The site offers a 12-month warranty after purchase.
Site includes Mistral Red Dot Division licenses worldwide.

The website does not detect blacklists.

Mistral Paddle Board Law – Downsides?

Delivery time outside the UK is more than 10 days.
The supply of equipment smaller than 1.50 x 1.50 x 1.50 meters is thirty-five euros.
Installation over 3 meters costs 65 euros.
The website has a questionable link. domain owner information.

Legality of the Mistral board

Domain age: domain is too old; Over 20 years have passed
Follow trends on social networks: Instagram, FB, YouTube, Twitter and email.
Reliability score: The average reliability score is 76%.
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Alexa Rank: Achieve Global Alexa Rank #616168 and 676363.
Contact Number: customer contact number is displayed
Email: email address is mentioned.
Domain connection security: The website has a secure and active HTTPS/SSL service.
Domain Content Frequency: No encoded data found.
Domain Owner Information: The owner information of is hidden.
Customer Reviews: Information about can be found on reliable websites.
Privacy Notice:’s privacy policy applies.
Exchange Policy: The website is subject to change.

Learn more about customer reviews is a website for paddleboards, surfboards and surfboards, accessories and merchandise. Consumers can find good quality rowing products. The board of Mistral Paddle has received reviews and complaints from customers about website support and scammers. The products come with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The website has Instagram, F.B, YouTube, Twitter and social media with followers. However, the website received a low rating of 1.2 stars on the trust site. Learn more about the PayPal scam at this link.


We have concluded that has a link to suspicious websites. It has a classic reputation and a good zodiac sign. has a 76% confirmation rate. Read reviews of Mistral paddleboards. More research is needed for research. In addition, credit card fraud, etc. Read more about

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