This groundbreaking study Media Markt Fellbach can tell you about a retailer that makes a wide range of products. Do some research to determine its authenticity.

Do you need a multimedia player or computer accessories? This German computer and hardware store is known for its products. Many people consider this when purchasing tools and equipment.

However, without the Media Mark certification, the purchase of equipment or various products cannot be a safe decision. Therefore, we suggest you read Mark Fellbach’s media analysis and learn the differences before trading.

What is MediaMarkt?

Mediamark is a German office and computer store that offers and sells a wide range of online and offline products. It controls smart TVs, cameras, laundry, games and virtual reality, notebooks and more. BUT.

Anyway, when we looked at the reviews of Media Markt, we noticed that customers who bought Media Markt products were very dissatisfied. Some are satisfied with shopping at Media Markt, others are not satisfied with Electromarkt.

Media review Markt Fellbach:

Media Mark has several positive and negative reviews on both electronic platforms. Two customers complained about Media Markt’s long delivery times. Others have also found that media marketing does not try to show full respect for messages sent by customers.

And this is confirmed by customers when they wait for a price order at the entrance of their website, only to be denied the offer, stating that it is closed. However, few customers are satisfied with Media Markt packaging and fast shipping. In addition, two customers were informed about the lifespan of the products. After that, it is highly recommended to look at the Media Markt Fellbach review before buying.

From Media Mark:

  • Local name – Mediamarkkinat
  • Type of work – tools, machine tools and laptops
  • Website application –
  • Call +49 711 722550
  • Workplace – 70736 – Fellbach, Alte – B14, B├╝hlstr. 140, eBaden-W├╝rttemberg
  • Working hours – from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00. Media Mark is closed on Sundays.
  • Rating Systems – Discover, Satabder Receipt, Bistro Club, American Express, PayPal,
  • MasterCard, Visa, Prepaid, Giropay, and more.
  • Is Media Mark a reliable store for buying computers and accessories?
  • Media Marks is a computer, home improvement and hardware retailer dedicated to delivering the best quality and organization. Learn some tricks to get the Media Mark right.

Media Mark Online Record – Approx

Consumer Rating – Mediamark has a rating of 2.3 out of 8,409 ratings on a trusted rating scale.
the actual channels. MediaMark has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
Likewise, you can be satisfied with the level of security when paying for online purchases.


Despite the positive media coverage of Mark Fellbach, many consumers question the reliability and durability of a hardware store. Media Mark is an online store with a variety of products. Received minimal research and two negative comments from customers. Following the media brand is not a good or safe choice.

Have you been to Media Mark? Write your opinion about Mediamarkt in the comment box.


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