This Matt King Death Mow Wolf article tells you about Matt King’s life and the cause of his death.
Have you heard of the amazing artist Matt King, co-founder of the Meow Wolves Immersive Art Experience? He died on July 9 at the age of 37.

He committed suicide. His death was due to treatment for depression and extreme conditions. This year, his shows in Sante Fe (Denver, USA) attracted about 1.5 million people.

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What is the cause of Matt King’s death?

Matthew Warren King was born on September 6, 1984 and raised in Arlington, Texas. His father, Randy King, owned a transmission shop. His father gave him the freedom to decorate his room as he wished. Matt started decorating his room with painted spaghetti and threw it against the wall. From a young age, he was more open to creative and artistic projects and looked forward to all the opportunities that came his way. Matt found a home in Meow Wolf. Matt King Meow Wolf’s demise is because Matt’s design and technical expertise gave the company a distinct advantage. His death was ruled a suicide due to mental retardation.

Before, he didn’t feel that college was for him, so he managed to make a living doing small scenes in art galleries and later as a landscape designer, which kept him alive. His origins at Mew Wolf began with creating artwork out of trash cans and jobs that people take for granted. So photography is his creative fluid.

How did Matt King handle Meow Wolf?

A recurring theme in Matt’s life was trauma and uncertainty. He had very bad days, but he always looked forward to a harmless and easy life. He had found it in Meow Wolf, but he couldn’t stay long. Although he rose to become vice president of a creative agency, he did not find the happiness he sought. He was afraid to help or be helped. He wasn’t ready to face his demons and tragically took his own life on July 9, 2022. Matt King Meow Wolf’s obituary is dedicated to his heartbroken friends and colleagues who are still trying to get through it.


In this short summary of the story, we get to know the life of Matthew Warren King. He was a unique and talented child who knew that his calling was art. He was determined to direct his thoughts to the world. He had problems with anxiety and depressive thoughts. He wanted to help, but didn’t dare to follow. At the age of 37, he committed suicide. The closest are the angriest. Matt King’s suicide makes everyone question the meaning of life.

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