Read this post on Martoxa Review – Is Martoxa Real or Scam? Be aware of websites that claim to sell various electronic devices and cameras.
Looking for a Martoxa review? Thinking of buying a PlayStation to play games on? Do you want to buy different hair styling tools to add shine to your hair? Do you want to buy a barbecue and gazebo in your backyard to spend time with your family and loved ones? Looking to buy an espresso machine or deep fryer to improve your cooking skills?

Martoxa in the US has all of the above. If you want something from this site, first read the article to the end. This way you will know everything about the website where Martoxa is legal.

Brief description of Martoxa:

Martoxa is an e-commerce site that sells a variety of products to keep your family active, such as play stations, speakers, ovens, grills, espresso machines and gazebos. It looks like one, so let’s take a look at its effectiveness and decide if it’s good for your wallet.

Martoxa says it sells:

Fire truck
deep fryer
Hair dryer
Music field
express vehicle
SD card reader
Canon camera cable
Next, let’s look at its command

Details based on Martoxa’s review

Buy the products at:
Email address:
Phone number: +14149394078
Address: 12901 East 86th Street N. Owasso, OK
Plot number:: 12901
Shipping Policy: Items are shipped within the United States only
Privacy Policy: These terms and conditions are available on the website
Tracking Method: Tracking information is provided via email.
Product Cancellation: The Site does not offer a cancellation policy.
Returns: The site requires an immediate refund for product returns.
Note: Powered by Martoxa.
Help and FAQ: All products are below
Customer Blogs and Reviews: The Site offers customer blogs and reviews.
Shipping Policy – We offer a 7-14 day shipping policy.

Pros mentioned in Is Martoxa Legit:

A valid SSL certificate
The site offers all orders to its customers.
Shipping and returns to US residents only.
A phone number and email are provided by the site, which is good from the customer’s point of view.
Opportunities are provided for the benefit of customers.

Disadvantages identified in the Meftala study:

The trust score is so low consumers wonder if Martoxa is safe
This page is empty so there are some items for sale
The authoritative website does not accept any requests from customers.
Alexa result not found; this means the site is not recognized and Martoxa is happy to report it.

Is Martoxa a scam?

Website: Martoxa
Year of Martoxa: Martoxa was registered on 2022,07,17. It is so new to any website that we question its validity.
Martoxa Judgment: Episode expires on 07/17/2023
Among the products sold are play stations, bread ovens,
camera etc.
Delivery time: 7-14 working days
Reliability index: Martoxa’s reliability index is around 1%, which is a red flag for users. Martoxa also has no Alexa rating. Not beautiful.
Social Media Links: We could not find any social media links
Threat Profile: 91/100
Final score: 35/100
Questionable websites: 23/100
Malware score: 34/100
Spam score: 91/100
Let’s take a look at Martoxa customer reviews

Customer reviews:

Martoxa’s page has 77 five-star reviews. But don’t consider other websites or go online on other platforms like YouTube or Google. Also, this site is very new, not even six months old, which calls into question its authenticity, so it’s best to wait a bit before buying anything from this site.

We do not recommend buying from Martoxa due to the lack of customer reviews. You should see how to avoid credit card fraud.


We find Martoxa’s analysis unreliable as there are reviews on its website. However, it has no idea about other websites or the internet, and the website is still new, there is no Alexa rating, and the reliability index is quite low, only one percent. Again, this page appears blank. We recommend that you wait a while for more reviews to be added to the site before purchasing any items. You should see more information about PayPal scams to avoid being scammed.

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