This article provides basic information about Marie Glensenkamp Perez’s family, as well as some information about Marie’s life.

Did you know that Marie Gluzenkamp Perez can be a popular name online? Many people are looking for this article from us on the web. Maria may be the Commonwealth’s Democratic candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives.

Human Resources is trying to get information about Marie Gluzenkamp Perez’s family.

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From Marie Gluzenkamp’s family.

Two reasons why people need to understand their family more. First, he defeated former presidents Joe Trump and Donald Trump. His family immigrated to the country from Mexico. We all understand that Donald Trump hates immigration.

Marie, whose Mexican father had immigrated to the United States, had not yet been nominated for Congress. Marie is married to her husband, a graduate student who owns a car repair shop. (See all social media links.

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Marie Glensenkamp, ​​born in 1987 or 1988. Graduated from Reed University with a BA in Social Sciences. He started his political career in 2016. In 2016, he won the presidential election in Skamania.

In 2020, he was nominated by the board of the state Democratic Party. He led the 2022 primary by {31|thirty one} votes. He got forty-three, 5 percent of the vote, which was also counted in the previous elections.

Other Options:

He may be a recovering Democrat with moderate political views. Marie’s story supports abortion rights and thus Second Amendment rights. History Marie supports policies that encourage small businesses to grow the local economy.

More people need to understand their age. we often reach 2 years after birth, as we can see in the data. One source says he was born in 1987, another says he was born in 1988. According to the election results, he is now thirty-four years old.

He moved to Mexico with his family. He spent his childhood in Texas with his family. We want more data and information about our city.

Life itself in Gluzenkamp

Marie and her husband own the company. He currently lives in the Washington area of ​​Stevenson County. This is usually the Skamania region. He also has a gun license and a child.

He may have been a pupil of Marie Reed. she later met her husband at the Reed School after graduating with a degree in social science. He is also guilty.

Quick view of exam reports and more

  • Full name: Marie Gluzenkamp Perez
  • Date / Age-88 / thirty-four years
  • American perspective
  • Occupation: politician and businessman
  • Religion and Christianity
  • Diploma in economics.
  • Height – 5’8 inches
  • Weight – 56 kg
  • Assets: $1.5 million


Marie Glusenkamp has become a truly modern national politician. He is moderate in politics. Listen to political positions


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