The guide provides detailed information about the Marepre online store and reviews to help users make the right choice.

Are you a big fan of Air Jordan sneakers? Want to buy Air Jordan sneakers at a discount? is an online store that specializes in Air Jordan sneakers. is a store that sells retro ankle-length sneakers that are popular right now. The store says they offer sneakers in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the needs of today’s shopper. The store targets shoppers in Australia and Italy. But before you buy from the store, you should read the reviews about Marepr.

What is the MareApr website? is an online store that specializes in selling shoes, especially sneakers. The store sells a variety of high-quality sneakers based on the latest trends. It showcases retro Air Jordan sneakers, selected according to the latest trends.

The site says it offers designer sneakers at discounted prices and accepts multiple payment methods. However, the site lacks basic information, so customers look for more information to see if Mareapr is legit or a scam.


Website URL –
Goods – sneakers and shoes
Payment Options – Various cards, credit/debit cards and PayPal payments.
Support Email –
Support – +787-689-6216
Address: 1800 Carr 2, Barcelona, ​​​​​​Puerto Rico, 00617, USA.
The registration date is 25 March 2022, 4 months and two days.

Email newsletter subscription – Subscription available.

Shipping Details – All orders are shipped to our warehouse within 48 hours via DHL, FedEx and USPS. Orders are delivered free of charge. Delivery time for orders is 5-8 working days.
Return to the right. According to Mareapr reviews, the store offers returns for broken and damaged items within a few days. But there is no specific winning time. But for all returns, customers must pay a $20 restocking fee. The refund will appear in your account seven days after it is sent.

Social Media – There is no social media logo on the website.

Results of Mareapr

Designer and stylish shoes for men
Air Jordan sneakers are available in many styles and colors.
Discount on all products
There are refunds and refunds.

Mareapra Destruction

The name of the owner is unknown.
The store does not have a social media page.
The return and refund policy is unclear.
There is a $20 restocking fee.

Is MareApr legit or a scam?

You should check the store before buying to make sure the store is worth it. Buying from a scam website can be dangerous because you can be scammed and your details can be stolen by the scammers.

The name was created on March 25, 2022 and is less than six months old. Registration expires March 25, 2023, so it is only registered for one year.
After checking, we see that the Trust Score and Website Ranking are only 1% and 48.1% respectively. It has a low trust rating and the site needs to be checked.

The Mareapr Reviews website is not available online for any past customers. He did not receive any comments or objections from netizens.

The owner’s name is not disclosed on the website. General residence is not commercial.
The store does not discount, and the items resemble the original Air Jordan sneakers.
The return and refund policy is not clear and a $20 restocking fee is charged for items returned.
The Website cannot be relied upon for business purposes for the reasons stated above. Customers should research the store carefully before purchasing.

User’s comments

We do not collect comments, suggestions or suggestions from users. The site does not contain any customer reviews of Mareapr, nor does it contain any comments or testimonials from online users.

In addition, the store does not work with social media platforms, so we cannot collect reviews, opinions and comments from social media users. Therefore, we encourage readers to check the website before purchasing to avoid being misled. They should also read helpful tips on how to spot PayPal fraud.

The conclusion of the matter is an online store that sells all kinds of sneakers, especially Air Jordan sneakers. However, there is no evidence to support the store’s claim. We have not found any information on Mareapr to support its usefulness; therefore, readers are advised to research this website before purchasing to avoid unnecessary fraud. Consumers should also read tips on how to report credit card fraud.

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