What is LGshe?

The store’s website says it sells Banzai products. He also gave information about the logo and Banzai, nothing more. We have not received any confirmation that he is working at Banzai. Therefore, it is clear that Banzai is not an authorized dealer and is not managed by this legitimate company.

That’s why we chose Lgsen as one of the most deceptive sites:

Address of company

It does not include the contact number and address of the regulated companies. It’s clear that the company is trying to hide the information. We do not trust this company as an online store.

The email address is Zyanawdanaisha@gmail.com, although it is free, it is not part of it and can be used in places like Lcziv, Hscyo and others.

Copied Content

The retailer selling these branded items is similar to most retail websites.

Special discounts and offers

To be honest, beet products are sold cheaply.

Communicate to customers and complaints

According to customers, customer service and delivery time are low in such places.

Final decision

Suffice it to conclude that lgsz may be a malicious website.

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You can also share this review on social media with your family and friends to report this online store.

Many online stores claim that most products offer great prices, but these are often false. Avoid these online stores or look for information before you buy anything. Most of these online stores will not offer their products to customers as well as low quality or dangerous products. Online computer stores may charge their customers for credit cards without permission. If you have been wrongfully accused by a fraudulent website, you should notify your bank or credit union immediately to protect your credit card information.


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