The article summarizes the Crony Wordle myth and explains why it exists.

Want to join a new Wordle game? The name of this puzzle is “Crony”. Players from the United States, Australia, and Canada are searching for the game online. But this time they can’t because there is no sports game.

Therefore, Crony Wordle should be considered. Let’s look at what really happened and try to understand what really happened.

What do you know about the new Wordle game?

We must take the matter privately. We have checked all relevant information and are now trying to figure out what we can do about the friends. We found it confusing and confusing. Of course, for unknown reasons, players will not be able to understand the global rematch on August 26, 2022 (Friday).

The answer to this question is “steel”. But many players did this “usually”. And he believes this is either a solution or a new addition to Wordly. However, let’s be clear that no such game exists today.

Definition of Crony

We must be able to distinguish conspiracy from “evil”. We do not know exactly about the five books. We should understand it and try to learn some important information. If we try to define “buddy”, we see that the word “buddy” is “buddy”.

The word can have “friend”, “closer”, “friend” and other meanings. Many British players are now confused. The word chroni comes from the Greek words “chronos” and “chronos”. In the 17th century, the word was added to the English dictionary as a five-letter “dude”. People believe it starts with “K”.

The dating game – the truth and the consequences

Another problem is that people wonder if Crony is a real video game. We must clarify that a game like Crony is not distributed or available. This is a common misconception and misunderstanding among many Wordle players.

It’s a puzzle where players have to find a five-letter word every day. This is the rule of the game. August 26, 2022 (Friday) The answer to this word is confusing. That five letter word was a joke.

Wouldn’t that be a meaningful word for most gamers? We have already solved the problem with a reliable detail. There is no such thing as a “brother”.

Why is the story published?

Many players write articles about this topic on social networks out of curiosity. As a result, many users feel that they are starting something new from the puzzle. As a result, many players started asking questions about Crony and commenting on public forums.


Finally, as a final note, we must make sure that we do all the research and come to the conclusion that there is no new global game. We have learned from reliable sources on the internet that Crony Wordless is a bad idea.

A crossword is not a word game. If you still have doubts about the concept and gameplay, check out the article to understand more. Have you cleared your mind? Please leave a comment below.


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