The story is about an incident that happened at a kpop party recently. The consequences of the collapse were also discussed.

Are you aware of the latest Kpop party? The event took place on July 28, 2022 (Thursday). The accident occurred when the screen blocked one of the satellites. As a result, the popular Dzerkalo band stopped the concert.

Many American fans follow all the coverage of this event. But the issue of collisions is worth mentioning in KPOP.

what happened?

The People’s Mirror Troupe performs in Hong Kong. The show was on July 28. Amidst the ceremony, a large video screen suddenly appeared on the stage. After that, the band stopped performing in the middle of the show.

Five people were injured as a result. Emergency services arrived and evacuated the wounded. Three people were taken to a nearby hospital. The situation is now serious, but under control, according to the medical team.

How do you go to a Kpop party?

Many Filipino fans ask themselves this question. That’s why we offer some tips on how to join the party.

a) First, the audience should know about concert tickets. According to the latest reports, the cost of a ticket is about $ 34, and ticket prices can be reduced to $ 27, experts said. Many fans are also looking forward to the cheap price.

(b) The authorities must verify the original value. What you need to know about franchises and locations.

Kpop Concert Crash – Update

The video of the incident has since spread on social media. Millions of fans watched the video of the accident. After the incident, group leader Ahfa Wong took to the stage and immediately canceled the concert. Wong later apologized to the public for the cancellation.

Millions of fans were shocked by the accident. Fans signed a petition to develop the concert system. It’s also true that the popular band had a hit earlier this year.

Kpop Crash Remake Concert. Many people are asking for better performance at this. On the network, fans criticized the organization and called for more safety for the actors on stage.

Why is this news interesting?

The full video of the incident was posted on social media. When the concert was canceled, fans were also angry with the participants due to security measures. People got angry and wanted to arrest the worker. However, the police arrived at the scene and built a fence to prevent the protesters from crossing.


The singer posted a picture of her after being in a car accident at a Kpop concert. The photo has been posted. Others criticized the officer and related investigations. Please note that all reports are from the best sources on the web.


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