When I analyzed the “About” section, I found that the portal describes and explains the history of BBQ grills. The site also states that BBQ Grill is a family business that has been selling products since 2012. The online store claims to have efficient and reliable products along with a great shopping experience.

Additionally, their team works constantly to provide the best products for every home. So, given these details, if you wish to find more details related to this portal, you should evaluate below whether KingCookouts is legitimate or not.

Notice of special features on this portal

The official website URL,, has been recovered.
This portal offers an easy 60-day return policy.
Searching the website, we found the address 812 E Chestnut St, Junction City, KS 66441.
We monitored the availability of social icons during the analysis. offers PayPal payment functionality.

Newsletter subscription options are available.
Customers receive a full refund within 60 days.
The site sells grills, butcher paper, hairbrushes and more.
The product must not be used to agree to an exchange.

After placing the order, the site claims to ship within 24-48 hours.

According to research reviewed by Kingcookout, the date of creation of the portal is 7 days, July 22, 2022.
We confirmed that there is no connection on this site.
According to the survey, the delivery time is 15 days.
To contact the website team, customers can drop an inquiry at

He found the franchise on

Location information and email address provided.
Our study found social symbols.
We note the attachments to the newsletter.
Our research showed that the site received several offers.

Find the weakness

We found 1 negative review associated with this online store.
No comments on Trustpilot.
Phone number not found.

Is KingCookout legal?

Confidence Score – A deeper analysis revealed a confidence score value of 2%, raising doubts.
Bulk Purchase Options – There are maximum purchase limits for products on this website. So customers can buy 3 products.

Confidence Degree – Unreliable value, ie. 42.4 / 100, at the time of publishing this web portal.

Reviews Found – At the time of the review, Trustpilot does not show any reviews available. We also found negative comments from online review sites during our survey.
Alexa Rating – We received no value from the Alexa rating for this virtual store. Therefore, this analysis creates a huge red flag, which makes it difficult to buy product here.
Plagiarism – According to research reviewed by Kingcookouts, content on the site has been copied, resulting in various problems.
Policies – Policies are clearly laid out on the website, but sometimes the website posts interesting content to attract customers.
Discount details – Studies have shown that the portal offers huge discounts to online shoppers, raising serious doubts.
Address Information – Address information recommended by JC’s BBQ and Grill. Therefore, this analysis raises a big question.
Presence of social links – Our research has revealed a number of social links on this site.
Site Suspension Date – 07-22-2023 This online store has been suspended.

Domain Lifetime – According to our analysis of Kingcookouts reviews, was launched on July 22, 2022, meaning 7 days have passed.

Reliable customer reviews

We received no feedback on Trustpilot, which raised a lot of questions for our customers. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find a portal with negative reviews that may be the exact title of a scam because it belongs to JC’s BBQ and Grill. Additionally, we are unable to offer this portal at this time as more errors have been discovered in this portal. Collect more articles about PayPal scams here.

the last word

In this Kingcookout review post, we analyzed a few key points and pointed out that they are questionable. Learn more about staying safe from credit card scams here. Here you can gather very important information about the grill.


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