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What happened to US Congressman Teddy Cruz?

Ted Cruz was troubled by a strange event that occurred on November 8, 2022. Teddy Cruz was at the finish line in Texas. The MP rocked the guests in the car, and a white nail could hit them in the neck or chest.

The judge was able to avoid serious injuries and did not need medical attention. The following section contains information about Teddy Cruz’s son’s family. The social media link to listen to the news is below.

Ted Cruz – Fathers, Mothers and Children

  • Father – Rafael Cruz
  • Anne Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson
  • Sisters – Miriam Ceferino and Roxana Lourdes
  • Children – Karolina (two) and Kateryna (two).

Is Ted Cruz Married or Not?

On May 27, 2001, Congressman Teddy Cruz married Heidi Viscount Nelson. The couple have two beautiful daughters, Catherine {nelson|Nelson|Horatio Viscount Nelson|Earl Nelson|Admiral Nelson|Lord Nelson|Admiral|Full Admiral} and Caroline Nelson. After all, Teddy Cruz’s son, a congressman, has nothing to say.

The Ted Cruz story


  • His real name is Rafael Edward Cruz.
  • He is Teddy Cruz’s son.
  • Career: professional and political.
  • Twenty-second birthday. 12.1970
  • Capricorn Horoscope
  • 51 years old
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • the state of america
  • Marriage: Married
  • Viscount Heidi Nelson, his wife.
  • Heidi Nelson Your girlfriend’s name is Heidi Nelson.

Ted’s Faith, Race, and Responsibility

  • Nationality – unknown.
  • Svoboda – Yankees.
  • Religion is Christianity.

Teddy’s education and training years

  • Schools: AUT International College Houston; Religion at West Academy, Texas; Houston Baptist High School.
  • Harvard Law School; College – Princeton University
  • The level of education is the equivalent of high school.
  • Business – legal services (since 1995); United States Legislature (2013-present).
  • Teddy’s Childhood: People the size of Teddy were born in Metropolis, where Teddy spent three years in business.

Ted’s height and date of birth

  • Height – 5’10”.
  • Age – fifty years.
  • Date of birth: December 22, 1970
  • Birthday – December 22

What happened in court

According to sources, Joseph Archacone has been charged with the attack. As a bonus, they decide to invest up to $40,000. Joseph’s public defender later demanded $100 to withdraw the statement. Someone found a Gofundme page to help the suspect in his case.

The site cost about $1000 and the site didn’t work either. The public defender argued that the nail did not qualify under Texas law as a dangerous object that could injure or kill the defendant.

T.M.Z. He shared the information on Twitter and briefly explained what happened.

Television attention in the case of Teddy Cruz’s son

The Houston Police Department announced the attack on its official Twitter account.

Twitter, H.P.D. The 33-year-old man does not work for a police department in Texas. Suspect Yosef threw a beer bottle at Teddy Cruz’s son.

Several news sources and Twitter users shared video footage of the event.

Who is Joseph Stem Archacon?

The accused, Joseph Stem Archacona, is suspected of throwing a bottle of White Claw alcohol into an adult. Ted Cruz, a Yankee congressman. Joseph Stem Archacone, 33, was charged with assault.

You can learn more about Teddy Bear Cruiser by visiting his LINKEDIN ID.

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