This article by Jose Drummond on examines the wrongdoings, ensuing capture, and preliminary of José Dumont. Peruse on for more data.

Do you know Globo Player? Do you have any idea about who is the most recent capture in the Brazilian entertainment world? The solution to both is something similar. Entertainer José Dumont was as of late captured. He was accused of ownership of kid erotic entertainment. He is known for his job in Globo. He has been exchanging for quite a while.

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What was the deal?

Paraíba entertainer José Dumont was captured on September 15, 2022. He was engaged with giving and making unlawful substance and was captured for his bad behaviors. He purportedly had intercourse with a 12-year-old kid and expected to film the illegal demonstration and give it to different sources. The entertainer was sued for every one of his bad behaviors. City police captured him in Rio de Janeiro and are having to deal with penalties.

Vocalist Éose Dumont performs things that mirror what’s going on the present moment. It is critical to comprehend that this kind of conduct won’t go on without serious consequences and severe measures ought to be taken to keep anybody from endeavoring to make or appropriate this sort of material. The entertainer is yet to be attempted yet the police are attempting to draw out this sort of data and individuals realize that these sort of issues are still there in the general public and must be changed by serious areas of strength for making severe regulations.

What is Carlos Drummond Attur accused of?

Jesus has been doing this for quite a while and is at long last gotten. At the point when police looked through his home, they found that he kept and consistently watched recordings and other unseemly material at home. The entertainer was likewise captured on doubt of youngster misuse and attack. At last, the kid talked about how he was dealt with and what prompted this sort of wrongdoing. The police are searching for more proof to demonstrate the charges against the entertainer. Jose Drummond Lawyer com is right now under police examination.

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Closing Comments

To wrap up this post, the 72-year-old entertainer was captured for making and circulating unlawful material. Captured and confined by Rio de Janeiro. He will be being investigated soon and individuals maintain that he should pay his obligations. For more data on Joseph Dammont Ator, actually take a look at here

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