Dutch author John Leonard, author of Dope Jet, tells the full story in his recently released documentary, Where is my Jet.

Do you know John? Does Johannes know the units of area? Have you seen any updates on the drug documentaries released on Netflix? The announcement comes late after 90-year-old student John filed a lawsuit against PepsiCo. It is a multi-billion dollar international beverage company.

Customers from Australia, Canada, Australia and Great Britain are interested in knowing more about the Leonard-Doe Holland shower toilet.

What is a carminative?

Pepsi Jet is the name of a Netflix documentary. The documentary is based on what John learned as a child.

Coca-Cola ran an ad where a person can get different values ​​by putting coins in a can. John is the only one who gets enough points to get on the plane. Even if the company is a fraud.

John Wick’s brother

  • His real name is John Leonard
  • unknown name
  • 48 years old
  • Her married name is Dottie.
  • nationality unknown
  • his birth is unknown
  • profession is not recognized

John provides links to social media accounts.

There is a lot of discussion on the documentary’s Twitter page, the Twitter link can be found in the title.

How did Leonard’s case surprise people?

We saw many websites where people were supporting John when he watched the Jet trailer that was recently released on Netflix. YouTube was also heavily influenced by these reports. and users have an idea of ​​what they should see

What happened to Pepsi?

Many people in John v. Govt. I want to know what happened in the case of the commercial pharmaceutical company. The coroner ruled that John was not awarded. That’s why the case was closed.


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What field unit are you thinking of? Did you know that John successfully decided to file a lawsuit against the company? Let us know what you think.


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