The article examines information about Purdue University suspect G Min Shah and victim Manish Chedha. Continue reading to the last page for more information.

Do you know about Ji Min Sha’s murder case? People across the United States and around the world were shocked and horrified by the news of what happened at Purdue University. If you don’t know the story and want to know more about the event. You are in the right place. This provides information about the case of Jimin Shah Purdue University and other details about Jiminsha and the victim.

What was the story at Purdue?

Varun Manish Chedha, a student, died in the Shah Purdue University residence halls. The cause of death was a series of blunt force trauma. The main suspect in the case is the victim’s roommate Ji Min Sha, and he is charged with murder.

A Purdue University student was murdered in his dorm room

The student killed in the hotel room is Mansh Cheda. Manish’s roommate JI Min Sha contacted the police at 12:45 on Wednesday and reported Manish’s death. Manish. The authorities have not yet released the details of the accident. Currently, Ji Min Shan, who was last seen with Manish in the bedroom, has been arrested by the police.

About Jin Minsha and Manish Cheda

Ji Min Sha, Jimmy is an international student from South Korea. He attends Purdue University and is pursuing a new major in Cyber ​​​​​​Security. He is currently in police custody on suspicion of murder.

22-year-old Mansh Cheda is the student who was killed. Manish was a junior in information technology at Purdue University in Indianapolis. Manish died in his dormitory at the Indiana campus in the US.

Commentary by Ji Min Sha of Purdue University

When Ji Min Sha was arrested by the police, the only punishment was that she was in love with her parents. He said nothing about the murder, except to repeat the verdict.


The purpose behind the story is to provide details about the murder of Purdue University student Jimin Sha. If you want to know about Jimin Shah of Purdue University and the murder, you can understand this.

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