ySense is perhaps of the greatest name in search motors and paid sites.

However, is ySense a decent legit and easy way to earn extra cash on the web or avoid scams?

I personally have been an individual from this forum for quite a while, looked at it a lot and still use it daily.

So we will tell you immediately in the event that ySense is legit and accepting payment. I have made different payments and given confirmation of payment.

Be that as it may, it may not be the ideal decision for you.

This 2022 ySense audit will give you all the information you want to choose if it’s ideal for you.

My survey is somewhat lengthy because the platform has such a great amount to offer. I want to dig as profound as I can to give you all the information you want to choose whether or not to join, but rather in the event that you can wait, you can jump as far as possible :- )

What is ySense and what does the site do?

So how about we start with the name. The platform was once called ClixSense.

Clixsense was established in 2007. It started as a pay-per-click (PTC) site and has been viewed as a PTC site for quite a while. I personally am not a major fan of ClixSense PTC site, so I will zero in on different aspects of the site.

ClixSense made a few significant changes in mid-2017. This incorporates eliminating PTC features because of the company’s reputation, so ClixSense has chosen to go on with the special cases listed here.

I’m personally extremely happy with this decision because it’s anything but a great second, yet it shows the earnestness of ClixSense about the turn of events and appearance of the platform.

In this way, in August 2019, we made a few major changes. We have moved to another site (ysense.com). So presently the platform is called ySense.

The greater part of the choices are the same, however a few major changes have been made and the upgrade to the new name ySense.

What is the daily reward?

As referenced earlier, ySense offers daily surveys and is a great way to earn extra cash.

You may be confounded when you first sign up, yet entirely it’s really easy. Be that as it may, to make it easy to understand all along, we’ll explain how it works and the amount you can save.

This means a reward that allows up to 16% of your earnings to be stored into your account at the finish of each day in the event that you qualify for that day.

Please let me in on the best way to pay.
Earn ySense Dollars by finishing reviews, purchasing items, playing games and more.

After ClixSense changed its name to ySense, payment choices are one of the enormous changes. You can already accept payments via Pioneer, Skrill, Doola, TangoCard or check.

One of the greatest changes when I started utilizing ySense was that PayPal started accepting payments. This is the favored payment technique for many review respondents and can be found on the Accept Payments page.

PayPal charges are exceptionally low as it just takes $10 to send cash through PayPal. And ySense will in any case take quite a while to arrive.

Nonetheless, ySense has also presented a ClixSense-style payment choice that is a lot cheaper than its predecessor. You can get an Amazon gift voucher for $5. The most current gift is a Steam Gift Card. In any case, steam cards are mainly available in Europe, different gifts are available in all nations.

You can also earn through Pioneer or Skrill. It is also a decent choice to earn cash. So I think they have the most ideal choice.

Assuming you answer reviews, your rewards will usually appear in your ySense account. You really want to finish several studies (various rewards) before the cash is transferred to your account. This term is marked with a warning to make it easier to find.


Can you get support?

How great support a site or administration offer always says a ton about it.

I have multiple times been in contact with both ClixSense’s and ySense’s support, and I have always gotten a fairly speedy and valuable answer.

At the point when you make an impression on their support, you will see they say it can take up to 10 work days to get an answer. This is very sluggish, yet fortunately it will probably not always take this long. At the point when I have been in contact with them, I have usually gotten an answer faster yet at times, it can take a touch of patience which is something I want to believe that they will also improve as they continue to work on the platform.

Also, at whatever point there are any updates, changes, special offers, or anything like that, you will see a message about this when you sign in.

ySense also has a forum where you can find solutions to a great deal of inquiries from both different individuals and ySense staff. There are even forums in many various languages, so you can communicate with staff and different individuals in many different languages than English.

So ySense has great support and is great at keeping individuals updated, which is something I really appreciate, and some study locales could learn from this.

Final decision

I have tried many web-based paid study destinations and Get-Paid-To locales, and ySense is certainly not a scam or fake – in fact, it offers veritable chances to make some extra cash in a legit way.

I know from personal experience that is legit as I have been paid by it many times myself.

Yet, we should finish this survey by summarizing the upsides and downsides, so you can get a superior outline before choosing if it is for you:


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