Want opinions on Yeyeii? You are in the right place. We have tried to show the true face of Yeyeii.com, so you let the staff know if it is a scam or a reliable online store. You just have to scan our site to find the real thing.

Yeey is suspected of fraud for the following reasons:

  • He diluted the Amazon brand because he used the Amazon logo for his website and had no affiliation with Amazon. He did not misuse the Amazon brand at the time of the review. However, in the future, several other scam sites will do the same, so another whole and changing list of websites can be misused.
  • Many fraudulent and hardcore websites have been discovered using the parent company “Bin Estrella GmbH”. Our website contains a list of websites that use this parent company. It acquired Bin Estrella GmbH as a parent company, but may change its address and name in the future. There are several similar websites.
  • Wholesalers such as Amazon’s Wholesale Pallet Online Store sell items with the same product information as some fraudulent websites.
  • You can see a large number of different products on this website. These variations of business entities are common on scam websites to lure people into their scams.
  • The website has some details. The website theme is compatible with many scam websites.
  • It contained social media icons at the bottom which, once clicked, take you to the home pages of various websites. Instead of directing it to his business pages, profile or social media teams, he did.
  • There are several online stores selling similar products with complaints about product quality, delivery time and customer service.


We can assure you that Yeyeii’s online searches are both misleading and factual.

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