Is a scam or legit? We love visiting many shoe stores and sharing our finds with online and offline shoppers.

Looking for women’s shoes online? Are the discounts worth it if you apply online? Wedgeshoes offers many discounts to customers in the United States. This store supplies the girls with the shoes they need, but they have to make sure they are legit before they sign a contract to buy them.

wedge This site is not a news site. Our team checked the place to make sure. To verify the authenticity of customers of this shop Scam?

Is the Wedgeshoes poll correct?

  • The age of the site. It has been online for four months and was published in the 17th month of the Gregorian calendar 2022.
  • Alexa rating. Alexa ranks the online portal store at 4596173, a random ranking for the actual site.
  • Domain expiration. this domain will expire 17 months from 2023 according to the Gregorian calendar.
  • Social media platform. social media logos can be found on the marketing information page. However, no market figures are available from this site.
  • 1 There is faith in the chronicle
  • It’s like a derived content unit state.
  • Missing box feedback for neutral observatories.
  •’s trust rate on this portal is 38.7%.
  • The shoe site does not collect owner information.
  • His attack profile is 46/100.

What is the Wedgeshoes search site?

Wedgeshoes sells girls shoes on its website. Consumers want to cut back and save more by buying more.

If you roll 2 you get 100% and if you roll 3 or more you are making a fool out of our ton system. 1945 for four products. on August 15. You get the corresponding products at a discount of five hundred. Is a scam or legit? Mention some products purchased on this platform.

  • wear shoes
  • ankle boots
  • orthopedic shoes
  • sandals
  • shoes
  • High heel

Site Features:

  • Domain:
  • Website address:
  • Email: creative
  • Physical address: Selead LTD, 121 Symptom Ave, 2064 One Strovols, Hadjikyriakion
  • Bldg. 1, Nicosia, 2064, Cyprus.
  • magazine – current
  • Shipping Instructions: 10-15 for deliveries within the US.
  • The return fee is eighteen days from the date of delivery.
  • Regional unit PayPal and credit cards as payment methods.
  • Mail for return.

Advantages of the Kama Shoes search portal

  • Customers receive a discount after purchase.
  • Customers may opt-out of email and newsletter services at any time.
  • Is a scam? Or is that true? Orders over $65.50 receive free shipping
  • This site sells products in a specific category. As a result, buyers can identify which market they are looking for.

Disadvantages of Wedgeshoes research platform

  • The store’s trust scores and unit space index are both low, raising questions about their responsibilities.
  • This page has a low Alexa rating.
  • There is no hosting information in this online store.
  • The online shopping platform has no visibility on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • This site appears to have been removed.
  • Although the physical address is displayed on the station, we do not verify this. reviews

This place is only four months old. we often don’t see customer reviews and the condition of the purchased item. Although the platform has a closed review process, we have an opportunity that we can take advantage of. This trade is measurable because it has no measurements. You can check this document to find out, but you can get your money back from Paypal scams.

The Last Rule.

The site is generating less revenue than it was six months ago. Various legal data such as customer reviews, ownership data and trust scores do not provide legal data.

Click here to learn more about the Mastercard error.


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