The purpose of this TwistbellSec article is to reveal hidden information about the website and allow you to make an informed decision.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Would you like to choose your fitness equipment based on quality and not price? If these questions make sense to you and you are looking for a quality product, read this post.

Learn more about Twistbell, an eCommerce store that ships worldwide and has a US presence. By popular demand from many fitness shops. But a twistable scam? to answer this. We recommend studying the following information.

Twistile scam or real store?

Please read the following points carefully to find the answer to the above question.

Page Authority: Almost every domain rank means the site has no authority.
Alexa Rank: The site has no global ranking from Alexa, which is stupid and useless. This means that the website does not fall into any of the global web categories.
Links to social networks: The website does not contain links to social networks.
Twistbell Customer Information: There is a lot of information on the website. But they all have one thing in common: they are all very positive.
Short description: The website provides a short description of the mentioned products and does not contain standard product information.
Website: Our sources say the website is one month and eight days old.
Verify contact address: We called the contact number provided, but it does not exist. No further details were given.
The above points paint a confusing picture of the site’s legitimacy, as almost all of them do not guarantee the site’s credibility.

About page to check if Twistbell is a scam:

Twistbell is an e-commerce website focused on health and fitness. The website is dedicated to the problems that fitness or fitness enthusiasts face when working out. It’s easy to swap out dumbbells to dramatically improve performance. Some of the key features of Twistbell products are:

They are easy to use and the user can see their weight in less than five seconds.
The handle and distance are adjustable as needed.
A bar can hold eight to ten weights.

Twistbell Verification Features:

Domain age: The domain was created on the site on June 21, 2022, which means the domain is about a month old.
URL: https://www.twistbell.
Category: Online Health & Fitness Store.
Address: Not specified.
Options: none
Right of return: The return period is 90 days from the arrival of the goods.
Return Policy: It takes 3-5 business days to return the product after thorough inspection.
Total delivery time: 10-15 business days (usual delivery time); According to our Twistbell scam analysis, the timing may vary depending on the destination.
Delivery: worldwide shipping.

Parts of the site:

The site seems to be well designed and focused on fitness.
The offers on the website are top notch.
There are positive reviews from customers.
System problems are well defined.
The website provides visitors with a secure connection.

Site damage:

There is no Alexa rating for this page.
The site’s SSL certificates have a hole in their heart.
There is no social network.
The connection is suspicious, and our investigation called it a twistbell scam.
The website has a low domain score.
The online shop is new on the market, only a month old.

Customer rating:

Too much hope because too much negative customer feedback is bad for business. The second is in a Twistbell store. All reviews on the site are only positive, with no proof of a sponsor.


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