Read this post and prove your claim to IsTthme.comScam, an online retailer of women’s and men’s clothing and shoes.

Are you going on a trip this season and need a durable backpack? Do you need sturdy walking shoes as well? Or do you want to live in a comfy shirt this summer? You will find that this post contains information about all of these situations.

Today’s article revealed the reliability and other features of the online store. International customers, especially American customers, want to know if this site is worth a visit. So read all the way to the end and compare if is a scam.

Is real?

To prove the credibility of this portal, we have provided some information below. If you go through this section, you will know the uniqueness of this online store.

Platform life – The lifespan of this portal is 17 days. The owner did this on the 4th of July.
Gateway reliability index is 1%, which is the worst reliability indicator.
Social Media Links – Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook banners are misleading as no accounts have been created on this store.

Alexa has an average rating of 341,912.

The AboutUs page is incorrect. The wrong foundational public team has been included on this page. Reviews – We can’t post reviews for this store because consumers don’t fall into the right category.
Contact Details Validity – The email id provided does not contain a domain. The contact page also does not show the location, only the city map.
Refund Policy – The group does not offer a specific refund policy. Second, the revenue information on the landing page is not appropriate without a time limit. Also, there are no conditions on the gate.
Uncategorized Products – Designers put everything on top of the sales leaders.
These facts indicate that this web portal is not reliable. However, the Is scam is not currently being reviewed as this site has been updated.

What is is a virtual shopping platform that sells clothes and shoes for women and men. Examples of athletic shoes include mules, medical insoles, athletic shoes, and clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, and T-shirts. in


Site type – e-commerce portal for clothes, shoes and accessories.
The website address is
Mail This email address does not contain a domain. Providing details about fake contacts highlights the problem that is a scam.

No address

Phone number – no designation
The social media links are great.
Privacy Policy – Privacy Policy
Shipping Policy – Items are usually shipped out within 7-9 business days. Minimum order price is $35 with free


Refunds & Returns – There are no special rules or conditions.
Privacy Policy – Applicable
US price. in dollars
Payment method – PayPal only.
Filters are not included.
No sort option is provided.fairy

Clothing accessories have many color options.
The seller thinks a good plan and product description would be helpful.

Scam Sponsor at

The developer has cheated the social network icon on the home page.
Bestseller titles include all unrated products.
The email address is invalid because the domain cannot be found. Also, having a city map without a location makes your website look suspicious.
The website developer does not say when a refund will be issued or when a refund will be issued.
The portal is deceptively simple.
Written in 2018 according to the AboutUs section of this site. However, according to our research, this is not the case. Therefore, the team cannot copy and embed information from other platforms. Review

Some users from popular review portals started chatting to see if this store can be trusted. Two of these questions went unanswered and answered a question similar to a question asked by another user. So these questions show that most customers are skeptical about this site. Also, the store does not have a proper feedback section. So, in the event of a scam, it is wise to find a way to get your money back from PayPal.


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